WordPress Simple Membership Plugin


WordPress Simple Membership Plugin shows you how to easily create a membership website and add various membership levels using this plugin.

Last Updated: April 30, 2024

Latest News: Updated the changelog version in the document.


Simple Membership plugin is a simple yet powerful membership plugin. There are few settings to configure to set up the plugin before you begin. The developers keep adding more features from time to time. There are free and paid add-ons you can use to add more usability and functionality to the plugin.

The developers keep adding more free and paid add-ons from the request made by users. This is an advantage for the user.

This plugin will keep on growing but the main focus will be to keep it simple for users. It also has a great support staff available who are constantly answering the questions asked in the forum.

WordPress Simple Membership Plugin

The following list of tutorials will guide you and help you set up your membership site. There is also a troubleshooting post to help you with some of the issues you might run into.

Simple Membership 4.4.5 Changelog

  • Added a link to the corresponding member profile in the newly added transaction view/edit interface.
  • Added a link to the corresponding membership level in the newly added transaction view/edit interface.
  • Minor PHP compatibility related improvements for PayPal and Stripe checkout.
  • Minor updates to the the debug log messaging for the refund/cancelation process.

To Do List:

  • Create a discount coupon addon. See the following forum post.
  • The developers are planning to add an option that allows you to unsubscribe the members from the MailChimp and Aweber list if they unsubscribe from the site and they wish to be removed from the mailing list.
  • A prompt in the members homepage (visible once logged in), when their membership is about to run out (say 30 days before). This would only be visible until they renewed, then reappear in 30 days time. See the following forum post.
  • Limit Username to one login at a time.  The developers are looking at developing an addon. See the following forum post.
  • Will you allow adding shortcodes into the custom messages? The developers will add this in the future. See the following forum post.
  • Is it possible to add a birthday field in the default member fields? The developers will add this in the future. See the following forum post.
  • 1) A visual password strength indicator under the Password field, 2) Messages about the Login status being displayed above the Login form and with a background color, 3) The possibility to set up a certain number of login attempts and when a user hits this number, he can’t login again for a period of time? The developers have added this to the to do list. Check the following forum post to learn more.
  • Can I use your plugin with Braintree subscription? Not yet, we have this in “to do” list. Check the following forum post to learn more.
  • I would like to include on the member’s page or dashboard a shortcode that displays their transaction. I mean, their membership payments. Is that possible? Not yet, this has been added in the to do list. Check the following forum post to learn more.
  • I’ve been through the documentation (addons included) but can’t find a shortcode to display the billing amount (charge/fee/price) for subscription to a level. Perhaps there isn’t one? The developers have plans to add this in the future. Check the following forum post to learn more.

Possible future addon:

  • I was wondering if you have any thoughts of developing an addon that allows one member to belong to different membership levels? = Yes, the developers will add this feature sometime in the future.

Currently Not Supported:

  • Content dripping is not a currently supported feature. See the following forum post.


What You Need:

Read First

Before you go ahead and read my tutorials below, I recommend reading through the following documentation first.

Read First

Simple Membership Plugin Tutorial List

Admin Panel Settings

  1. Members
  2. Membership Levels
  3. Settings
  4. Payments and Transactions
  5. Addons

Members Registration

  1. Add Members Manually
  2. How Visitors Register For Free Using SMP


  1. Apply Content Protection
  2. Make Site Semi Private
  3. Simple Membership Plugin Category Protection


  1. MailChimp Integration Setup
  2. Add BuddyPress Signup Users To Simple Membership Members


  1. Show Member Extra Info
  2. Shortcode List
  3. Members Login Widget
  4. Free Level Setup
  5. Join Us Page
  6. Hide Adminbar


  1. How to Translate the Simple Membership Plugin
  2. Edit Simple Membership Default English Strings
  3. Translate Simple Membership Using Loco Translate

Addons / Extensions

  1. After Login Redirect addon
  2. Data Exporter Addon
  3. Partial Section Protection Addon
  4. WooCommerce Addon Settings
  5. Form Builder
  6. Custom Message Addon

Multisite Setup

  1. Install Simple Membership Plugin In WordPress Multisites

Troubleshooting / FAQ

  1. Troubleshooting
  2. FAQ


Note: You might be interested in the following link Simple Membership VS eMember WP Plugins.

I will be adding more information and more tutorials in the future. So make sure you bookmark this page and keep coming back for the latest updates.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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