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WordPress Simple Membership Data Exporter Addon shows you how to export any data from your members into a CSV or Excel file.

Last Updated: October 4, 2021

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

There are times when you need to export your members data for various reasons. One of the reasons would be to share your data with others or you might want to print your data. This post shows you the functionality of this simple but powerful add-on. There is not much to configuring in this add-on.

Data Exporter Addon current version 1.4, checked on the October 16, 2016. If you don’t have the latest version then click on the following URL re-download-the-purchased-addons to download the latest.

What You Need:

Add-on Needed:

WordPress Simple Membership Data Exporter Addon Steps

Step 1 ) Install the Data Exporter add-on from the URL above.

Step 2 ) Go to WP Membership -> Data Exporter to start exporting your data to a CSV or Excel file. See image below.


Step 3 ) Once you click on Data Exporter tab above you will see the following menu. This addon allows you to export the following data from your membership site.

  • Export Member Data
  • Export Level Data
  • Export Payment Data


Step 4 ) The following image Export Member Data tab allows you to set up and select from the following fields.

  • Membership Level
  • Account State
  • Member ID
  • Include Custom Data?
  • Access Start Date Range
  • Click on Export Data button once you have completed setting up your export.


Export Level Data

Step 5 ) The following image Export Level Data tab allows you to select from the following field. This field allows you to select all levels or a particular level.

  • Membership Level
  • Click on Export Data button once you have completed setting up your export.


Step 6 ) The following image Export Payment Data tab allows you to set up the following features.

  • Membership Level
  • Account State
  • Transaction ID
  • Transaction Date Range
  • Click on Export Data button once you have completed setting up your export.


I hope the information above helps you understand this very simple but powerful add-on. More instructions coming soon.

Click on the following URL Install Simple Membership Plugin In WordPress Multisites to continue.

If you have any questions please let me know. I will be updating this tutorial from time to time.


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