Selling And Buying eBay Tutorials


Last Updated: November 25, 2015

Selling And Buying eBay Tutorials page talks about how to set up and create your eBay account and more.

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Depending on the country you come from, you will choose the correct URL to create your eBay account.

I live in Australia so I created an Australian eBay account.

Fill out the form and follow the instructions correctly. Don’t worry about what name you use to open your account because later on you might decide to change it.

Selling And Buying eBay Tutorials

If you take selling on eBay seriously then you will change the name once you find out what you want to sell. The reason I say once you find out what you want to sell is because then you will able to search for a name that will compliment the product you will be selling in your eBay store.

Yes that is correct your eBay store is something that you will hear a lot about and later on you will set up your own store. You will do this once you are ready or your products starts selling well. For now I suggest that you concentrate on creating an eBay account and learning more.

A great challenge keeps you motivated more than if you do nothing. If you are the motivating type of person then you will challenge yourself when something does not work well. I know for myself because this is what I do. I encourage you to do the same. This will allow you to become successful in life not only in selling but in all aspects of life. If not, you might fall into the group of people that spend most or all of their life complaining about everything and anything.

When you read about successful people you will notice that nearly all if not all where challenged at least onece in their life. This helped them stay on top of their profession, business, family, friends and other through their belief system.

Life will always present you with many challenges and these are the ones that make you or break you no matter what you are trying to achieve. I tend to think that now after so many years I am beginning to understand that you always have to keep on trotting or galloping in life and never give up. Just keep going!!!

Let me share with you that eBay is all about that and more. At some point in your eBay journey you might decide to not continue for various reasons and that is understandable. If you feel that it is too much for you then you are not the only one because most that started selling on eBay might have felt like you are feeling right now. Selling online is not for everyone.

I keep on challenging myself to keep on going because that is what I have embedded in my internal system. Plus the most important part in my life is my faith in God which helps me all the time.

Important, always make sure you are having fun and enjoying what you are doing. Not only just selling but with anything you decide to take on as a project in your life.

You are now ready for the next step. Start reading my tutorials, start learning and start selling.

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Have a safe journey


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