Selling And Buying eBay Tutorials


Selling And Buying on eBay Tutorials page talks about how to set up and create your eBay account to start selling online and more.

Last Updated: May 2, 2020

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eBay is a very powerful online selling platform. Millions of people world wide are using this service to sell their products and more. Some sell new products and others sell their old home contents like TV, computer, furniture, car and more. There is no end on what you can sell on eBay.

If you want to be a successful person, you need to keep challenging yourself to do better. When you challenge yourself it motivates you to move forward, it keeps you positive and happy, and you start seeing a clear bright future. Being successful doesn’t have to be about selling, but life itself. If you don’t succeed in life, you might fall in with the group of people that spend most of their life complaining about everything. When you read about successful people you will notice that nearly all if not all where challenged at least once in their life. This helped them to stay on top of their profession, business, family, friends etc through their belief system.

Life will always present you with many challenges and these are the ones that make you or break you no matter who you are or what you are trying to achieve. Let me share with you that eBay can also challenge you but you can also have fun while selling on eBay.

I keep challenging myself to keep going because that is what I have embedded in my internal belief system. Plus the most important part in my life is my belief and faith in God which helps me to challenge myself to overcome my obstacles.

What You Need:

  • You need to create an eBay account. Choose your countries URL. For example: If you live in Australia you will sign up using the following URL

Fill out the form and follow the online instructions, don’t worry too much about the name you choose to open up your account because later on you might decide to change the name and create an eBay store. If you take selling online seriously then you will create an online store. Find out first what you want to sell, if don’t already know. This will make it much easy for you to choose the correct name for your store.

Note: Always make sure you are having fun and enjoying yourself. Not only with selling on eBay, but with any challenges you decide to take on in life.

Selling And Buying eBay Tutorials

You are now ready for the next step. Start reading my tutorials, start learning and start selling.

eBay Tutorials:

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