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Android Tutorials page shares a list of tutorials which cover the following areas settings, security, backup, troubleshooting techniques and more.

Last Updated: August 14, 2017

Android is a very powerful operating system for mobile devices. More and more people around the world are using Android in smartphones, tablets and other devices.

For now all the tutorials will be based on the following, BenQ Agora 4G Pro running Android 5.1.1. These solutions applies to all smartphone phones running Android or similar versions and some of the latest versions as well.

Android has release Android 7.1.2 “Nougat”. Even though the list is based on version 5.1.1 most of the solutions found in these tutorials can help you with the latest version.

If you want to learn more about Android versions, click on the following URL Android Version History.

Note: One of the most important actions one can take nowadays with their Android Smartphone is regular backups.

Android Tutorials List

Android 5.1.1


Android Tutorials:

The list above will slowly grow. So come back to check the latest additions.

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