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Last Updated: June 27, 2021

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

I will be sharing with you tutorials, information, troubleshooting techniques and more. Even though KompoZer has not been updated for a few years and many are using CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla and other CMS, KompoZer is still a great tool for learning CSS, HTML and developing other simple web skills. You can create simple webpages using KompoZer and then copy and paste the code into WordPress, Joomla and other CMS systems.

Below you will find a list of tutorials I have been working on to help you manage and control KompoZer.

KompoZer Tutorials

Note: The following changelog link Changelog is a list of the changes made so far.

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KompoZer Tutorials:

  1. About KompoZer
  2. KompoZer Web Tutorial
  3. Design Layout
  4. Div Tag Container
  5. Adding Text And Images
  6. Left Menu Code
  7. Left Menu CSS Style
  8. Bulleted List
  9. Add Footer Settings
  10. Front Page Template Layout
  11. Template Header
  12. Insert Header Image
  13. Borders Tutorial
  14. Padding Tutorial
  15. Right Sidebar Style
  16. Left Menu Mouse Over Effect
  17. Web Site Favicon
  18. Google Adsense Settings
  19. Create Photo Album
  20. Responsive Settings
  21. Link External Stylesheet
  22. Template Tutorial

I hope the KompoZer Tutorials list above helps you on your path to learning CSS, HTML and web design.


I have been working in IT since 1999 and I enjoy the challenges it brings me. I love developing websites with WordPress. I spend a lot of time helping out in wordpress.org forums. I have been writing tutorials since 2011. Now I am learning how to manage my own VPS "Virtual Private Server.