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WordPress Simple Membership Troubleshooting provides solutions to some of the most common questions asked in the forum.

Last Updated: August 16, 2022

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

The solutions found here are compiled from both of the forums. The list will grow as I come across more questions asked by the users.

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WordPress Simple Membership Troubleshooting Solutions

Important Links

The following links can further help you troubleshoot your issues apart from the list of tips posted below.

Debug Mode

Note: Before you go ahead reading below to troubleshoot any of your issues, please check the following link.

Plugins Future

Q1 There are some questions being made in regards to Emails, plugins future and Security.

Answer: The following response was quoted by Admin in the forum.

The email that goes out is fully editable. You simply go to the email settings menu of the plugin, then remove any details that you don’t want to send out. The default configuration is applied for a simple setup. Everyone will have different needs and opinions about the setup. So you just edit the settings and adjust it to what you want.

Any user-friendly login system will show the user proper message so the user knows what is wrong and can correct accordingly. I totally understand what you are saying but also understand the following:

This login system ONLY gives access to protected content that is protected using this plugin (not your site admin). So there is not much incentive for hackers to do anything with the login system. Besides, brute-force systems doesn’t exactly work that way (that is a separate topic). Login security is very important but so is the user-friendliness. You can customize the language file to remove that message on your site if you don’t want to show it. Most of these things can be changed on your site (if you have any concern about it).

What content you are protecting is a big factor here that you need to consider. Our system is definitely not gong to be suitable for everyone out there. If you need a simple system for a simple membership type site then it will be good. Otherwise you will need to look at an alternative solution. We don’t want to make a global change to the plugin that will upset other users who love it just the way it is. So we have to balance the default behavior of the plugin based on what MOST of our users want. Others can change the configuration to what they want.

We do have plans to add some kind of a feature for the free registration to do the same as the paid ones.

Extra Functions

Q1 How do I redirect users to a different URL (different from the home page) after they log out?

Solution: You can use the following tweak to do a custom redirection after the logout event. Add the following code to your theme’s functions.php file and that should do the job.

add_action('swpm_logout', 'my_custom_after_logout_redirection');
function my_custom_after_logout_redirection()
$url = 'http://www.example.com/after-logout-page';//TODO - Specify the URL that you want to redirect to

(Solution provided by Admin Simple Membership)


Q2 How do I redirect a user to a custom URL after they submit the registration form?

Solution: You can add the following function to your theme functions.php file.

add_action('swpm_front_end_registration_complete', 'sam_after_registration_redirection');
function sam_after_registration_redirection()
$url = 'http://www.yourwebsite.com/thank-you/';//TODO - Specify the URL that you want to redirect to


Q3 I’m using PHP to check if the user is logged in from the following page: https://simple-membership-plugin.com/simple-membership-miscellaneous-php-tweaks/. A problem occurred when I deactivated the plugin. The PHP code actually caused the site to go down. How do I prevent this from happening again in the future?

Solution: You should check if the method exists. That will prevent any error from happening if the plugin is deactivated. Check the following forum post for the solution.

Add Attributes To Existing Forms

Q1 Is there some code I could add to an existing login form template I have setup that would login users?

Solution: The following solution was provided by ryanboyd in the support forum.

If you already have a dummy login setup on a part of your site just simply add name attributes as needed.

<form name="swpm-login-form" method="post">
<input type="text" class="" placeholder="User Name: " name="swpm_user_name">
<input type="password" class="" placeholder="Password: " name="swpm_password">
<input type="submit" class="" value="Login" name="swpm-login">

Date Format

Q1 In some cases you might want to change the date format for when memberships accounts expires?

Solution: Go to your WordPress general settings and make sure you have selected the date format you want to show for the expired membership accounts.

Discount Coupon

Q1 We would like to offer a coupon code for a discounted membership. We want to track usage of this coupon and limit the number of times it can be used. We currently have WooCommerce plugin installed.

Solution: You can add WooCommerce Simple Membership Plugin Integration. And manage the coupon discount via WooCommerce because this plugin accepts coupons. This works fine if you are going to be using WooCommerce to handle the payment. When you use Simple Membership WooCommerce integration addon, it will simply handle the user account creation after the transaction has been processed by WooCommerce. So you will use coupon in woocommerce and handle the payment via that plugin.

You can read more about this solution from the following support thread in the forum.


Q1 Action hook swpm_payment_ipn_processed doesn’t work for recurring payments. Why is that?

Solution: It should get triggered both for the first payment and the recurring payments. Please enable the debug log feature of the plugin. Check the following support thread for more information.

Sandbox Issues

Q1 I have an issue with my sandbox transaction, it is not working. Do you support this?

Solution: No, we don’t really support troubleshooting sandbox issues. The reason is because our plugin already works in live mode. Trying to troubleshoot sandbox issue is time consuming. Check the following link forum post to learn more.


Q1 I am having problems with subscription payments. I created a trial period of 3 months before paying a subscription with paypal, but after 1 month some users switch status to expired. If I activate them again, they get switched to Expired at their connection.

Solution: For a subscription payment, you should be using the “no expiry” settings in the membership level. When the subscription ends or is cancelled, the access will be revoked by the plugin.

What “Access Duration” value are you currently using for the membership level? The person in the above question had this issue. They did not set up the Access Duration period correctly.

Also, make sure that you are updating the “Access Start Date” value of the member when you are manually editing a member record and changing their account status. If you don’t update the start date value then it will calculate the expiry from the old date and expiry the account again if the expiry condition has met.


Q2 I am having problems with my subscription auto-renewal. It is not working.

Solution: (Quoted by wp.insider)

When you create an account manually from the admin end and later you want the user to pay for a subscription, make sure the user logs into his/her account then pay for the subscription using the subscription button created inside the plugin.

If the member is logged into the site, the plugin will know which profile to apply the subscription to. Then later it can connect to that profile using the “Subscriber ID” parameter value when a recurring payment comes in. Otherwise, it will just be a subscription payment without any connection to a specific membership profile. That means for recurring payment, the plugin won’t be able to apply the payment to a particular profile.

Importing Members From CSV File

Q1 When I bulk import members, the data is imported correctly but the password is not imported. What can I do to fix this issue?

Solution: (Quoted by admin)

The user password for is not a plain text field so you can’t just import a plain password text directly into the database and expect it to work. Its encrypted using the same encryption the is used by WordPress (it is a one way encryption). This guarantees that only the user will ever know the password. This is the best security practice for storing user password.

When you import your members you need to instruction them to use the “Forgot Password” feature (standard protocol) to reset their password once and then they can log into the site as usual.

The following is a standard practice after you have changed your user management system (or imported users to the system).

Send your users an email that says something like the following and tells them to reset their password.

1) We have switched to a new system which uses an industry standard practice for storing password.
2) So you need to reset your password before you can log into the system.
3) You can go to the member’s login page (share the link to the login page) and use the password reset link to reset your password.
4) After you log into the site, you can go to the profile edit page and update your password to something different.


Q2 When I bulk import members the data is imported correctly but the membership level is not imported. What can I do to fix this issue?

Solution: (Quoted by admin)

In the “Membership Level” column of your CSV file, you need to put the ID of the membership level (not the name). If you look at the example file, you will see that it has a value numeric value of 1 as the example (meaning it is an ID value). Membership level is something referenced from a different table so using an ID value is a proper way to reference it (a name value won’t work there).


Q3 When you bulk import users. If the user name column is not found, try the following solution.

Solution one: When you are creating a CSV file using Microsoft Excel for example; if the following CSV (Comma Delimited) format does not work, try CSV (MS-DOS) format.

Note: Click on the following URL simple-membership-bulk-import-member-data-csv-file to learn how to import members using a CSV file.

Email Related Issues

Q1 If you receive the following e-mails when the Notify User is enabled you need to use a third party plugin to control WordPress core default system. WordPress does that when a user’s password is changed.

Hi member,

This notice confirms that your password was changed on [WEBSITE NAME.]

If you did not change your password, please contact the Site Administrator at

This email has been sent to [MEMBERS EMAIL ADDRESS]


A plugin like the following can help you turn off the email sent by WordPress when a user password is changed:


Q2 Email Shortcodes don’t work with Email Settings (Bulk Account Activate Notification)?

Answer: wp.insider wrote:

The bulk email can’t do the dynamic email tag filtering because it sends the same email text in bulk. Otherwise it would slow things down and cause problems when the number of members on the site increases.

You would need to use generic text for that bulk email.


Q3 Is there a way to set up the email address as the username?

Solution: You can instruct your users to use their “Email Address” in the username field. And then in the future they will be able to use that to log into the site.

Our plugin has TWO columns in the database for username and email (they can be the same) but they BOTH require a value. You can’t get rid of one of the fields. We need these fields because the Core WordPress system uses the username and email address fields for WP users. We integrate with WP so we maintain the same architecture which makes the integration very easy.

Bottom line, both of those fields require a value when using our plugin. (Quoted by Admin)


Q4 The Admin is not receiving any emails?

Solution: Make sure you have enabled the following feature Send Notification To Admin under WP Membership -> Settings -> Email Settings?

Error Messages

Q1 I installed Form Builder add-on and after I received the following error message. How do I fix it?

Error Message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/46/6017046/html/Wordpress/wp-content/plugins/swpm-recaptcha/classes/class.swpm-captcha.php on line 78

Solution: Your server maybe using a very old version of PHP. The Google Recpatcha library requires at least PHP v5.3.2. Ask your hosting provider what version of PHP they are using on your site and if they can upgrade to a version highert than PHP 5.3.2.


Q2 If you see the following error after a payment:

FAILURE :Error! Failed to insert a new member record. This request will fail.

Solution: It might mean you are dealing with “WEIRD” character issues. So the following solution should help:


Q3 I have installed the Form Builder Add-on and I see the following error Error! Form not found.?

Solution: When you install the Form Builder Add-on, if you have enabled Free Membership in the Settings you will need to create a new Free membership form.


Q4 What does the following error message mean?

WordPress account exists with given email. But given username doesn’t match

Explanation: WordPress doesn’t let you create multiple user accounts with the same email address or username. So when you use an email that ALREADY has a WP user account, you are going to get the error message you see above.

Solution: Go to your WP users menu and do a search using that email address. Delete that user account if you are not using it. Now you can use simple membership to create a NEW account using that same email address.

Alternatively, use a DIFFERENT email address that is not already in the system to create your user account.


Q5 I setup 2 membership options, Basic & Executive Membership. When I click on the button, I receive the following error message. How do I fix this?

“Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.”

Solution: Check to make sure you have the correct PayPal account. In this instance the person had a personal PayPal account and when they upgraded to a business account the error went away. You can check the following support thread to learn more.

Solution 2: If the URL on the browser has the following code &code=EWP_SETTINGS. Then try the solution mentioned in the following link support thread.

Database Tables

Q1 The post protection status doesn’t seem to be stored anywhere in the post meta and I can’t see any hooks/filters that will do it. Where could I find this info in the database?

Explanation: It should be in the “swpm_membership_tbl” DB table.


Q2 How do I reset the USER Id?

Explanation: It’s a database table AUTO_INCREMENT value that you will need to reset in the DB if you really want to. It’s not recommended to reset it. That ID value is primarily used internally by the system. Your member’s will mainly use the username value. So it’s okay for that number to keep going. Click on the following link support thread to learn more.

Plugin Questions

Q1 What is the difference between inactive and expired members?

Explanation: (Explanation provided by wpinsider-1 in the forum)  

If an account expires naturally then the account is set to expired. If an account is deactivated for other reasons such as someone cancelling an ongoing subscription or taking a refund etc then it is set to inactive.

The member is not going to be able to see any protected content if their account status is expired or inactive.


Q2 What is the difference between a recurring payment and a one time payment?

Solution: Please read the following.

  • For the recurring payment, you create a PayPal subscription button.
  • For the one time payment, you create a PayPal Buy Now button.


Q3 How to protect an archive page?

Solution: Archive pages simply shows a list of other pages. If the post itself is protected then the users still can’t see the content. Your visitors can’t just go to a page and see the content of a protected post. You can add checks in your archive page using the functions explained in the following documentation.

Q4 The Join Us and Login links are not working in the archive page. How can I fix this?

Solution: If the theme is showing an excerpt on the archive page, then the links won’t work there. It’s how excerpt output of WP works. We prefer not to modify the default behavior of WP too much (to make sure this simple plugin doesn’t cause other issues). Better option is to use a theme that outputs the full text (instead of excerpt). Alternatively, try a different membership plugin which can work better with your current theme. Click on the following link support thread to learn more.


Q4 How do you allow the members to delete their account?

Solution: Click on the following URL WordPress Simple Membership Advanced Settings. This will show where you go to set up this option.


Q5 How to renew an expired free membership account?

Answer: admin wrote:

Use the following addon simple-membership-miscellaneous-shortcodes-addon. It will update the member’s level and activate the account at the same time. For this you will need to have a special page with the shortcode from that addon. You can send the expired users to go to this page and use the button.


Q6 How do I set up Simple Membership to Login to complete woocommerce purchase? I don’t want to process our membership sign ups through woocommerce, rather sell merchandise such as t-shirts etc. But want the user to have just one login.

Solution 1: admin wrote: Yes, it will log them into their existing WP user profile (if they have one). Woocommerce uses that WP user profile for checkout purpose. You can read more from the following forum post.


Q7 How does a member delete or cancel their account?

Solution 1: Check the following documentation and pay attention to Step 4 ).


Q8 How do customize the registration form?

Solution 1: A good start is the CSS class “swpm-registration-widget-form” defined in the css/swpm.common.css file. You can also tweak the actual DIV in the views/add.php file. You can read more about this solution in the following forum post.


Q9 I installed a plugin and your plugin is not protecting the content, how do I protect the content?

Solution 1: Sometimes plugins add content BELOW the actual post content, simple membership plugin standard content protection will fail to protect that. The solution is the following addon for these scenarios:

Payment Button

Q1 I would like to implement the payment button in a form that does not recognize the shortcode, how can I do this?

Note: This is not really recommended however you could try the following.

Explanation: Use the payment button’s shortcode on an empty test page that you create in your WordPress page’s menu. Then view the “HTML” code of that page. You should be able to spot the section that is the payment button’s HTML code. Copy the button’s code and paste that in your other HTML page. You can learn more about it in the following forum post.

Themes Related Issues

Q1 What if the plugin is conflicting with your theme?

Explanation: You need to speak to your theme developers to look into the issue. If they won’t fix the issue and you don’t want to change the theme, then you can try one of the following option.

  • You can check the following URL study this WordPress codex document; to determine which of your theme’s template files needs modification, and then change the excerpt display behavior to meet your needs.
  • You can also complete a Paid Support request, and our developers will fix the theme for you.


Q2 Protection is not working with the new Divi Theme Builder.

Solution: Check the following support thread. Someone in the forum posted this solution.


Q3 I have a problem with Divi Builder. It does not protect the pages or post?

Solution: One of the developers posted some information regarding page builders like Divi, please check the following forum post to learn more. At present we offer the following solution which works with Divi Builder. So most protection will work fine.



Q4 Protection is not working the way it should. The content in the post itself is private, but the post still shows up to Public and on the main Blog landing page it even shows the text in the Blog until you click in.

Solution: By default the post will be protected everywhere (when you protect it). Some themes will show an EXCERPT instead of the actual post content. So for example, some themes will show an excerpt on the blog posts listing page which will create the issue you explained. If your theme has an option to show full text instead of excerpt, then try that option to see if that works better. Also, Go to the following settings of WordPress and select the Full Text option to see if that helps:

WordPress General Settings -> Reading -> For each post in a feed, include

Check the following support thread to learn more.


Q1 I don’t really understand how the upgrade process works?

Solution: (Quoted by admin)

This is how the upgrade button process works in our plugin.

Lets say a member purchased a $15 membership level A which is for 1 year term. Then somewhere in between the member pays for a $20 membership level B (which is also for a 1 year term). The new time will get added to the end of his existing one year term. So the user will have access for a total of 2 years.

In other words when level A is upgraded to level B before the year is completed — say 6 months into the contract — the member will have access to level B content which also includes level A content for the remaining 6 months and an additional 1 year is added at end of the 6 months period.

This simple method works good when the upgraded membership level contains all the content from the previous level and more. So in the above example, membership level B gives them access to all content from A and more. So an structure like “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold” etc. If your membership levels are completely unrelated to one another then it probably won’t work out good. In that case you will need to look for a different plugin which maybe more suited for your project.


Q2 You can’t login to Simple Membership when you are logged in to WP as admin. How can I fix this problem?

Solution: (Provided by wp.insider in the forum)

You can’t log into WP Admin and then in the same browser log in as a member. It doesn’t work that way.

If you want to test the member login functionality, then use a different browser where you are not also logged in as admin. Basically, create a scenario close to what your real users will face. Your real users are not going to be logged into your site as admin.


Q3 How to add a login/password field to header (instead of side widget)?

Solution: (Provided by admin in the forum)

You can use the following code to add the login form in any of your theme’s PHP file, for example the header.php.

echo do_shortcode('[swpm_login_form]');


Q4 The login redirect add-on is not taking the member to the last page they visited. I am also using the custom message addon. Why is that?

Solution: The member must click on the login link inside a protected content in a page or post for the redirect to be triggered.

The following was quoted by admin in the forum.

The login redirect addon LOOKS for the special login link that the core plugin creates. It then replaces that login link with an extra parameter. If you use the custom messages addon to override the standard protection message of the plugin then the login addon can’t add the extra parameter. This is one of those features where you need to pick one (You can’t get both).


Q5 When members log in and forget to log out and close the browser, the plugin still thinks they are logged in. This causes some issues when the member opens up the browser and see that they are still logged in. How to fix this issue?

Solution: (Quoted by Admin) 

It is out intention to keep the login active for longer period. Majority of the users hate having to log in again and again.

Solution 1: So if you are doing a project where you want to force logout users automatically and stuff, you will need to look for an alternative plugin as we can’t go down that route.

Solution 2: Add a message for your members to read when they log in.

The message could say something like

“Remember to log out after you have completed a session. If not the plugin will keep you logged in even if you have closed the browser. This might lead to other issues with other plugins. In that case the best solution is to clear the browser cache and then log back in.”

Solution 3: Add a log out button or link on your site so that members can log out. Click on the following URL creating-member-logout-link to learn more.

Solution 4: You can also try the following code. This code needs to be added to your themes functions.php file. This code was submitted in the support forum by pdp8user.


Q6 Is there a way to analyze when members are logged in, counting member visits, and other member statistics?

Solution: Someone in the forum posted a solution that works with Matomo.


Q7 I have added a 90 day free trial – but the plugin still forces subscribers to enter a credit card on PayPal when signing up. Is there any way to avoid requiring payment info?

Solution: PayPal requires all trial subscription to have credit card. You can’t create a trial subscription without a card.

If you want to create a trial membership without any payment info then use the following approach.

Create a free membership level with a 3 months access duration. Then let the users (who want to take up a free trial) signup to this membership level for free.

You can use the following feature of the plugin to create a page with a registration form for this special trial membership level:


Q8 How do I download the latest version of a purchased add-0n?

Solution: You can download the latest version by clicking on the following URL re-download-the purchased add-ons.


Q9 When I add the following shortcode [ swpm_registration_form level=2], the Username is required to have 4 characters. What if I want to change the minimum or maximum characters allowed?

Solution: For user name length, edit the following file, views/add.php and search for minSize[4].


Q10 How does the Remember Me box work? In some cases when checked it does not remember a username and password after the member logs out.

Solution: Solution provided by The Assurer “Keymaster” in the support forum.

  • If the “Remember Me” box is checked, the login cookie used by the plugin is given an expiration date of 14 days and 12 hours.
  • If the “Remember Me” box is not checked, the login cookie used by the plugin is given an expiration date of 3 days.
  • If the member’s browser is configured to clear all cookies, when the browser is closed; the effect is as if the member is logged out, every time they close their browser; regardless of whether or not the “Remember Me” box is checked.
  • Otherwise, the 14.5 or 3 day cookie expiration will be in force. Note: You can read about it in the following support thread.


Q11 Many keep thinking that this plugin should protect posting of comments in a page or post. Please read the following to learn more.

The posting of comment is not restricted to any membership level. Posting of comment is not content.

The plugin ONLY protects actual content (like post/page/comment content) for a particular membership level. The ability to post comment is open for everyone (or to logged in members only). There is nothing to do with membership level when it comes to the comment posting ability.

This is how most of our users want that feature to behave. So we like to keep it that way.

(Solution provided by admin in the forum)


Q12 The plugin is not working with my custom post, I can’t protect the post. How do I fix this issue?

Solution: There is a new custom post add-on. This add-on works with some themes and plugins that rigth create custom post. Click on the following URL Custom Post Type Protection Enhanced to learn more.


Q13 Hi I noticed that after testing a login, the user stayed logged in even when the browser was closed. How do I force logout when user closes website?

Answer: admin wrote:
You can’t auto logout user when they close the browser. This plugin doesn’t work that way. It uses standard login/logout process. So when a member logs into the site, they won’t need to log in again for a period time (even if they close the browser). Just like how it works for most membership systems.


Q14 Can someone buy a gift membership subscription?

Answer: We currently don’t have an addon for this feature. One of the developers provided a couple of workarounds that might help you. Click the following link forum post and also the following forum post to learn more.


Q15 Simple Membership plugin is not working correctly with Jetpack?

Answer: Someone in the forum reported the following solution. Disable the option in Jetpack settings->Settings->Writing->Widgets-> “Enabler widget visibility controls to display widgets only on particular posts or pages”. Click the following link forum post to learn more.


Q16 If the user login on the regular Member Login page, they can easily access the protected pages. If they go directly to the protected page, they get the message “You need to login to view this content. Please Login. Not a Member? Join Us”. If they click “Login” from the protected page, it takes them to the regular Member Login page. They can then login and go to the protect page, but they get the “You need to login to view this content. Please Login. Not a Member? Join Us” message again. Refreshing the browser will allow them to view the protected page.
How can I make it so they don’t have to refresh the browser?

Answer: Try adding the “After Login Redirection for Members” Addon. Click the following link forum post to learn more.

Paid Support

There are times that the troubleshooting questions and answers provided above might not resolve your problem. The following list explains some of the known issues discovered by the developers when troubleshooting some websites.

#1) PHP session on the server is not functioning 100%.

#2) Some kind of caching issue. Could be a caching solution you are using or your hosting provider using caching. I have seen instances where the hosting provider said they are not doing any caching but then when I jumped on a site to investigate, I found that there were using some caching. On the cheaper hosting plans, some hosting companies just do some caching on the server end and they don’t tell you about it.

#3) You may have another plugin that is conflicting our user login functionality. I have seen plugins that just breaks the PHP Session functionality on the site and then when another plugin tries to use the PHP session, it doesn’t work for that plugin.

#4) Sometimes, I have found people to mix up the HTTPS and HTTP pages on their sites. So they have mixed pages on the same site. If a user logs in from the HTTPS page then goes to a non-https page, the authentication will drop due to security reasons. So if your members are login in from a HTTPS page for example and then you have specified an after login redirection that takes them to a non-https page, that is just not going to work. So pick HTTP or HTTPS then stick to that, don’t mix them up in the same site.

#5) The same goes for mixing “www” and “non-www” on the same site. Pick one and stick to it throughout that site.


If you want one of the developers to jump on your site and investigate the issue related to your particular site and setup, then you can use the following option: paid-support-simple-membership-plugin.

I will be adding more solutions to the list above in the future.

If you have any questions please let me know.


Simple Membership Plugin Tutorial List:

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  12 Responses to “WordPress Simple Membership Troubleshooting”

  1. Why don’t add the possibility to redirect the home page that is set in the wordpress generals settings, giving the opportunity to the website admin to set a specific page as dashboard for a specific user role / member level?

    it is not difficult make a redirect in any other case. But there is a problem for the tile/logo: when you click to the title or logo the user is redirect to the home page of the website.

    Instead, It would be great make redirect the user to a specific page for his membership level.

    • Hi G.Aloe, I am not following your question. What part of the plugin are you referring to in respect to the redirection settings?

  2. When someone takes our a 3 month subscriptions after paypal they get the
    Please complete your registration by visiting the following link:
    BUT when they complete the link it says invalid membership level.
    I have several levels but it is always the 3 month level.
    I can not work out why..

    • Hi Stewart, please send via my contact form the settings for your 3 month membership level.

      Your other option is to enable Debug Mode. Next time some renews their 3 month membership plan check the log file. Once that is done report back.

      Kind regards

  3. I am trying to use the directions to create a “simple logout link” from this page:

    When I put this into my menu and click it, I get the following message on a page:
    —–HTTP Status 403 – type Status report
    description Access to the specified resource has been forbidden.
    Apache Tomcat/7.0.57—–

    The most concerning part is the URL it sends me to appears to be some type of adserver? :

    I have no idea what all this stuff means or what I may have screwed up in execution, but I am certainly not comfortable with seeing this reference to an adServe in the result. Can you clarify please?

  4. Hello
    I’m just started with this plugin. I have added some members on as admin and now want to remove them but even if I delete them their email address is retained as belonging to an admin user so I can’t put them in again.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin but the information is still there. Is there a way of cleaning out the database?

    • Hi Kath, when you add a member it also gets added to WP Users. Check in your WP Users area and make sure you also delete the user from the list.

      Let me know if you need more help.

      Kind regards

  5. Hi, I have created a popup in elementor for user login. All good. But when the user puts wrong credentials he is redirected to my_website.com/wp-admin. No idea what I am doing wrong

  6. Hi, I have downloaded the simple membership plugin in business WordPress.com. I can’t access payment and email settings at all and some other features too. What can I do?
    Thank you

    • Hi, I am not sure if our plugin will work in wordpress.com. Our plugin is designed for wordpress.org. However you might want to carry out a plugin/theme conflict test to see if that fixes your issue.

      Let me know if this helps you.

      Thank you

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