Catablog Tutorials


CataBlog tutorials contains a list of simple to advance tutorials for novice and advance users wishing to learn new skills and help you develop your manage CataBlog Plugin.

Last Updated: January 22, 2018

 What You Need:

  • Click on the following URL CataBlog to install the plugin.

Latest News: I have fixed a broken link.

I have tested CataBlog with WordPress 4.9.2 and 5.0 Alpha and it works well. I did not test all options but so far I could not spot an issue.

Catablog Tutorials


CataBlog 1.6.7 changelog.

  • Fix: Use PHP5 syntax to define CataBlogWidget’s constructor method

I will be updating all tutorials to reflect the changes that will be implemented in a future release. I will also organize better the list of tutorials below.

Basic Tutorials

  1. CataBlog WordPress = This plugin allows you to create catalogs, categories to organize your catalogs, create stores, organize images into galleries and more.
  2. Add New Library = This post shows you how to upload new images to your library and edit the details and more.
  3. Gallery Basic Tutorial = Gallery Basic Part 1 tutorial is a very simple tutorial to follow. Because of the amount of images used I have decide to break it down into parts i.e. part 1, part 2 etc.
  4. Category Basic Tutorial = This post shows you how to set up many categories. This allows you to group your photos or images and manage them better.
  5. Options Part 1 = This post shows you how to set up the the following Options Thumbnail, Lightbox, Public, Navigation.
  6. Options Part 2 = This post shows you how to set up the following Options The Link, Description and Systems.
  7. Lightbox Settings = This post shows you how to enable lightbox and change the settings to show your images or photos in your website with a lightbox effect.
  8. Options Export = shows you how to export your settings so that you can backup and protect your work.
  9. Shortcode Part 1 = Shortcode Tutorial Part 1 will show you how to add different shortcodes to pages or post.
  10. Shortcode Part 2 = Shortcode Tutorial Part 2 is an extension from the previous tutorial.
  11. Shopping Cart Settings = Shopping Cart Settings shows you how to add a price to your items so that you can sell them using PayPal.
  12. Shopping Cart Goods Value Options = Shopping Cart Goods Value Options is an advance tutorial for the Shopping Cart. I am going to show you some cool features that you can add to the CataBlog shopping cart.
  13. Shopping Cart Variation Control = Shopping Cart Variation Control is an advance tutorial that shows you how to set up a variation control for your products.
  14. Display Images Using Columns = Display Images Using Columns shows you how to add columns to your CataBlog items on your website.

Advanced Tutorials

  1. Lightbox Title Permanently Displayed Tutorial = CataBlog Lightbox Title Permanently Displayed Tutorial will show you how to permanently add a Title to your images while viewing then on the browser.
  2. Add Quantity Product Website = This tutorial shows you how to add the quantity for your items in your website.
  3. Add Video To Description = Add Video To Product Description tutorial shows you how to add a video shortcode to your CataBlog item description.
  4. Integrate Catablog Into Your Theme = Integrate CataBlog Into Your Theme tutorial, will show you how to integrate Catablog into your theme using two files.
  5. Custom Display CataBlog Items In Suffusion Theme = Custom Display CataBlog Items In Suffusion Theme tutorial will show you how to customise the display of your items in Suffusion Theme or child theme.
  6. Different Size Thumbnail Images = This tutorial shows you how to create different size thumbnail images for your catalog.
  7. Shopping Cart Template = This is an advance tutorial that shows you how to create different templates for various items.
  8. Responsive Settings = This tutorial helps you set up your categories, galleries and all images to be responsive for mobile devices like iPhone, tablets etc.
  9. Move Meta Text To Right Side LightBox = This post shows you how to move the Title and Meta text to the right side of the slideshow.
  10. Troubleshooting CataBlog = Troubleshooting CataBlog post will help you resolve some of the most common troubleshooting questions asked about CataBlog.

This list will grow and it will be updated from time to time. Please come back to check from time to time.

If you have any questions please send me an e-mail or leave a comment.


Manuel Ballesta RuizManuel Ballesta Ruiz is a web developer, Blogger and WordPress Enthusiast.

  10 Responses to “Catablog Tutorials”

  1. Wow, thanks so much. I was trying to set up a shopping cart for my Catablog items, and didn’t know what to do and where to start.
    I am still not getting the shipping right though – I’ve added:

    But when adding more than one item to the cart, the shipping comes out at multiples of $5.50. I don’t have a handling charge.
    If I add two of the SAME item to the cart it works out, but adding two different items gives $11.00 shipping.
    Is there a way I can correct this so that each item has a first item shipping charge and a subsequent item shipping charge?

    I also find that once an item has been added to cart, if the user then presses the continue shopping button to return to browse, decides to add nothing further to the cart, then they cannot return to the cart to check out. I found this code on the paypal website for a Go to Cart button and I added this to my page. But when clicked it doesn’t direct to the cart, just to the page of items to buy.

    Sorry for all the questions – I don’t know what I’m doing and I feel I am so near, and yet far away from making this work.

    I really appreciate all of the hard work that went into your tutorials. And I hope you can spare a little time …I’ll buy you a coffee.

    Thanks, Deby – So Sew Easy

    • Hello Deby thank you for your question. I had a look at your website and I have noticed that you have integrated CataBlog with another plugin. In regards to your question have you had a look at my tutorial.

      Let me know how you go and if you need more assistant.

      Kind regards

  2. hi, thanks for this helpfull tutorials and tricks ;-)
    i would like to contribute in helping other peoples with php but i think i’m not so expert to do so :P.
    anyway i show here my problem so if we find a solution it could be used to solve problems of peoples like me.

    i’m facing a problem integrating catablog with cart66 lite plugin.
    i created items in catablog with a product-code.
    i used the same product code when i created items in cart66.
    cart66 has a shortcode to create the button to add items to cart.
    this short code works like this [add_to_cart item=' ']
    in item=’ ‘ i should put a value that identify the product.
    this value could be the product-code.
    atm i send the product code to the single-catablog-items.php using a form in the catablog template and retrieving it with $code = trim($_POST['product-code']);
    this is not so convenient because if i reach the page from google, for example, the page cannot retrieve the variable value.
    My question is: how can i put the %PRODUCT-CODE% token value into a php variable in the single-catablog-items.php to use it in the shortcode?

    i just tryed:
    retrieve it with from DOMDocument
    retrieve it filtering the_content()
    retrieve it with document.GetElementById()

    thanks so much for helping and support
    Best Regards

    • Webmaster

      Hello Milo, thank you for your question. Please have a look at the following link from Zach’s website which illustrates further what you can do with single-catablog-items.php file.

      Let me know if this helps you.

      Kind regards

  3. Excellent tutorial. Just one question. In my case I’m using the catablog for cat and dogs. I would like to enable the pet owners to like or share the item (pet). What would be your strategy?

    • Hello Riccardo, thank you for your comment. In regards to your question do you have any social media plugin install? Can you share with me your website URL so that I can check.

      Kind regards

  4. hi Sir,
    i succesfully integrated cart66 Lite with catablog plugin, but i still have little issue with catablog templates.
    Question is: How can i implement shortcodes in catablog template?
    i would like something like this:


    [add_to_cart item=' %PRODUCT-CODE%' ]

    • Hi Milo, thank you for your question. In regards to adding a shortcode to a CataBlog template, I don’t think your idea is workable. My question is why do you want to add a shortcode to the CataBlog template?

      Kind regards

      • hi, i try to explain why i need shortcodes in templates…
        i got an e-commerce website, take a look at catalogue section so you can face the problem directly..
        I got categories of products displayed with catablog plugin.
        In each category there are many products and i need to display the “Add_To_Cart button”(shortcode of Cart66 Plugin) for each product.
        The “Add_To_Cart button” need a unique code to work properly. i would like to use the “single product code”(catablog template %TOKEN%).

        However to avoid the problem i added the “Add_To_Cart button”at the begin of description of each single product page. Next i add the %EXCERPT% token to the default template, then i set the right number of character to display in EXCERPT and the task is complete. In this way i have the “Add_To_Cart button” in each product both in the category page and in single product page, but i have many limitation… cant use ajax, cant add options to the “Add_To_Cart button” like drop down menu with colour of products etc…
        By the way add shortcodes to catablog templates will solve all my problems…

        • Hi Milo, thank you for clarifying your request. I understand perfectly what you are trying to achieve. Have a look at my tutorial and let me know if this is what you are trying to achieve. However because you are merging two plugins into one, it is going to be challenging to adjust the code to compliment both plugins. My tutorial implements your requirements on the CataBlog plugin. So, if you only use CataBlog you can achieve what you require.

          A question for you, would it not be more simpler for you to simply use one plugin? I am not familize with Cart66, however CataBlog can achieve a lot just like the more complex plugins like Cart66 and WooCommerce without all the options and settings. It does have limitations.

          Let me know what you think.

          Kind regards

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