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WordPress Business Directory Plugin Setup shows you how to set up a directory structure on your website and help you generate revenue.

Last Updated: February 2, 2024

Latest News: Updated the changelog details.

This post shows you how one can create a powerful Business Directory and help you generate more income on your website. In return you are also promoting the businesses that wish to sing up to your directory listings for a fee. You can also create free directory listings for any type of community for example religious, farming, gardening, music, web development, animal lovers and more.

Business Directory plugin version 6.4 Changelog.

  • New: Update the front-end search and create listing appearance.
  • New: Use colors and styles from block themes for buttons.
  • New: Add a plan selection layout when submitting a listing.
  • New: Add wpbdp_minimum_backend_role hook to override the default ‘manage_options’ role required for access to the admin area.
  • Fix: The listing appearance option was showing as HTML.
  • Fix: Updates for better PHP 8.2 compatibility.
  • Fix: Russian characters were causing fatal errors in some cases.

What You Need:

WordPress Business Directory Plugin Tutorials

  1. Install and Activate
  2. Manage Options General
  3. Manage Options Listings
  4. Manage Options Email
  5. Manage Options Payment
  6. Manage Options Image
  7. Form Fields
  8. Add New Fields
  9. Manage Fees

WordPress Business Directory Plugin Setup

Step 1 ) Install and activate the plugin. When you first activate the plugin you will see the following message. See image below.

This message lets you know that certain structure needs to be set up before you begin. Click on Create required pages for me button. I highly recommend you carry this to avoid any complications.


Step 2 ) The following image Business Directory displays the menu structure the plugin creates for you. Once again the plugin is reminding you that you have featured listings but you have payments turned off. Click on Manage Options – Payment link to set up this option.

Pages Created:

  • Submit A Listing
  • View Listings
  • Directory
  • Search Listings
  • Default General category created


Step 3 ) The following image Directory allows you to set up and configure the following.

Directory Menu:

  • Directory
  • Add New Listing
  • Directory Categories
  • Directory Tags


Step 4 ) The following image Directory Admin allows you to set up and configure the following.

Directory Admin Menu:

  • Main Menu
  • Add New Listing
  • Manage Options
  • Manage Fee
  • Manage Form Fields
  • Listings
  • CSV Import
  • CSV Export
  • Debug
  • Uninstall


Step 5 ) The first action you need to take is to set up the plugin. Click on Main Menu as illustrated in the previous image above. Once you have clicked you will see the following image Business Directory Admin.

You have three main buttons to click on and set up.

Admin Set Up:

  • Configure/Manage Options
  • Setup/Manage Form Fields
  • Setup/Mange Fees


Click on the following URL Manage Options General to continue with the set up.

I hope this tutorial helps you.

If you have any questions please let me know. I will be updating this post from time to time.


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