Sep 022015

Avoid Certain Words On eBay post reminds you about certain words that you cannot use on eBay. If you do you will be penalized. Hello again how is the sales coming along? Have you made plenty of money yet? I want to share with you an experience that I encountered while selling an item for […]

Sep 012015
eBay Admin Layout

eBay Admin Layout will teach you how to use eBay and understand all the tools and menus that you will come across. What I did was look around many eBay websites, blogs and forums. The learning curve can be huge at the beginning especially for a beginner at selling like me and those who are […]

Aug 312015
Getting eBay Feedback

Getting eBay Feedback post talks about how and why would you want to get feedback from buying or selling. Many times you ask yourself how important is it to get feedback when you buy a product or sell a product. eBay has a star ranking system that most people check to see how well the […]

Aug 312015
Selling Products On eBay Tutorial

Selling Products On eBay Tutorial will show you how simple it is to sell items on eBay. I will show you just by adding some details and saving the results. What you need: Create an account. After you have created the eBay account follow the instructions below to add your first selling item. Selling Products On […]