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WordPress Business Directory Vantage Theme shows you how to install and set up the theme and get it ready to customize and more.

Last Updated: November 5, 2019

Latest News: I updated the changelog.

Vantage theme is a very powerful business directory theme for WordPress. It has many features that can help you get started with your online listing business. There are many online listing businesses nowadays. That is why you need a powerful and customizable theme that can do the job for you.

This page shows you a list of tutorials and information about Vantage theme. These tutorials will help you get started, manage and customize the theme for your site. They are written for beginners and advance users.

Note: The information and list of tutorials will slowly grow.


WordPress Vantage Theme Developed By AppThemes

Vantage theme changelog Version 4.2.6 (Released on November 5, 2019). To learn more about vantage version history click on the following URL vantage version history.


  • Fixed issue with uploading media button.
  • Callout widget color selectors don’t work on live customizer.
  • Callout widget cover photo not working.
  • Update Woocommerce template to the version 3.6.0.


  • Added opacity option to the Callout Widget.


To Do List

  • How can a user skip lines in textarea when using custom fields? – At the moment that textarea doesn’t have formatting options. The developers will look at adding an option for it in the future. Check the following support thread for more information.

What You Need

Vantage Theme Tutorials

  1. How To Install Vantage Theme
  2. Admin Sidebar Settings
  3. Widgets Settings
  4. Homepage Widget Settings
  5. Menu Setup
  6. Header Area
  7. Footer Area
  8. Customize Login Page
  9. Customize Logo
  10. Payment Settings
  11. Manage Listings
  12. Manage Listings Forms

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