Jun 242019
Customize Twenty Twelve WordPress Theme

Customize Twenty Twelve WordPress Theme shows you how to customize Twenty Twelve theme using a child theme and the customizer. Last Updated: July 15, 2019 Latest News: I added another tutorial to the list below. I have been using Suffusion theme for many years and I love this theme very much. However there might come a […]

Apr 012014
Translate Suffusion Theme Into Another Language

The following Translate Suffusion Theme into Another Language tutorial shows you how to translate Suffusion theme into Spanish and more. Last Updated: September 18, 2019 Latest News: I updated some information below. In this tutorial you will learn how to translate your site into Spanish. These steps also apply to any other language as long as […]

Jul 312013
Suffusion Theme Dimension Layout Measurements

Suffusion Theme Dimension Layout Measurements tutorial illustrates the different layout structure and measurements and more. Last Updated: December 7, 2019 Latest News: Fixed a broken link. When you design your site you need to be aware of the dimensions or layout. Understanding the dimensions allows you to set up your widgets, menus and how to […]

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