Aug 102014

All In One WP Security And Firewall Rules helps you setup the following options basic firewall rules, disable index view and much more. Last Updated: September 8, 2019 Latest News: I updated the documentation. This post provides information about the different Firewall protection options you can enable to protect your website. These settings are important […]

Jun 092014

Last Updated: November 18, 2015 Advanced Systemcare Windows is all you need to keep your Windows system safe, functioning and optimize. Latest News: A new version is out and there are new and updated tools. Every time a new version comes out I will be updating the information and images if there are any changes. […]

Jun 072014

Ccleaner Tutorial post will show you how to set up and configure this little but powerful utility to help you with your windows environment. Last Updated: January 11, 2018 Latest News: I have updated the changelog entries. Ccleaner Lastest Version v5.38.6357 (12 Dec 2017) You can read more about the latest version and previous version […]

Apr 112014

Last Updated: February 11, 2016 WordPress Duplicator Backup Plugin Create Package shows you how to to backup and create a quick package with all your files and database for later usage. Latest News: I have updated the information. WordPress Duplicator Backup Plugin Create Package Setup Settings Tools Create Package Troubleshooting Option 1 ) Go to […]

Apr 012014

Internet Safe Surfing post talks about safe surfing online. There are many unsafe websites both for you and your children. Always take care while surfing online. Last Updated: July 27, 2017 Revision Update: I have edited some text and fixed a broken link. There are many websites on the internet that are there to do […]

Apr 012014

Virus Hoax, Fraud and Email post talks about different types of e-mail frauds circulating around the globe. People keep falling for these kinds of traps. Last Updated: September 6, 2018 Revision Update: I have added another link to the list below. I have added a list below with some very useful links, which I keep […]