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Internet Safe Surfing Information talks about safe surfing online. There are many unsafe websites both for you and especially for your children.

Last Updated: June 3, 2021

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

There are many websites on the internet that are there to do harm to your computer/ laptop. These websites can infiltrate some nasty adware, malware and trojans viruses into your computer/ laptop. It is recommended that you install some very cool plugins on your browsers apart from the already installed anti virus, security software and firewall in your computer / laptop.

Have a read on one of my post virus hoax about a particular e-mail hoax that has been sent many times to many e-mail addresses.

Internet Safe Surfing

Here is a list of some of the tools, utilities and programs I recommend.

Recommended Tools, Utilities And Software:

  1. Ccleaner To clean all the rubbish and maintain a healthy registry
  2. Comodo Internet Security for anti virus, firewall and secure my system
  3. AVG is the antivirus tool that I am using with my windows 7
  4. Spybot search and Destroy to clean and control adware, malware and spyware
  5. Partedmagic I use for editing my partition and troubleshooting other issues that might arise in windows or linux
  6. Ubcd I use to test and troubleshoot issues with windows and linux
  7. Filehippo to monitor some of my tools
  8. Virus Total: VirusTotal is a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware
  9. Spyware blaster
  10. Trend Micro
  11. HijackThis: HiJackThis Fork is a free utility for Microsoft Windows that generates a report of non-standard parameters of registry and file system for selectively removal of items related to the activities of malware, adware and security risks.

Here are a some links to websites that provide information in regards to e-mails, shopping online and websites. This is very important as many keep falling for hoax e-mail and reveal very sensitive data and purchase products that don’t exist. Remember the GOLDEN RULE if it is too good to be true chances are that it is a hoax, fraud and a lie.

  •  Snopes: Welcome to snopes.com, the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation. Use the search box above to locate your item of interest, or click one of the icons below to browse the site by category.

If you require any information about protecting your computer/ laptop running windows operating system or have some issues with your system leave a message here and I will be glad to assist you.

If you have other recommendations please share with everyone by posting here.

Have a safe internet surfing experience.


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