Mar 032014
CCleaner Tools Settings

CCleaner Tools Settings post shows you how to set up and configure the following tools options, uninstall, startup, file finder, system restore and much more. Last Updated: November 28, 2019 Latest News: Updated the documentation. Ccleaner Tools Settings allows you to manage browser plugins, addons, clean hard disk and much more. Most of you will […]

Mar 022014
CCleaner Custom Clean Settings

CCleaner Custom Clean Settings post shows you how to activate the different options under custom cleaner settings and more. Last Updated: November 26, 2019 Latest News: Updated the information. Ccleaner custom clean settings allows you to clean many different areas in your computer/ laptop. As a rule of thumb, you should be running this tool […]

Feb 162014
Windows 7 Show Desktop

Windows 7 Show Desktop post shows you this little and simple process to minimize all your Windows on your desktop. Last Update: July 11, 2016 Have you ever wondered why there is a little box sitting on your right hand bottom corner of Windows 7 Desktop? Well this little box has it’s purpose. And not […]

Sep 262013
Advanced SystemCare Performance Monitor

Advanced SystemCare Performance Monitor illustrates extra options like scan, ram, cpu, network and disk. Last Updated: September 10, 2023 Latest News: Updated the documentation. Windows performance monitor is a little tool that provides vital information regarding how your system is performing. You can minimize or expand the tool, to quickly have access to some cleaning and […]