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Windows 7 Show Desktop post shows you this little and simple process to minimize all your Windows on your desktop.

Last Update: July 11, 2016

Have you ever wondered why there is a little box sitting on your right hand bottom corner of Windows 7 Desktop? Well this little box has it’s purpose. And not many probably notice that box.

See image below.

This will minimise and maximise Windows 7 Desktop
This little box allows you to minimise all windows displayed on your desktop when you left click with your mouse and when you left click with your mouse again it will maximise all windows to their original position. There is another way to minimize the windws you can always use Start + D.

Windows 7 Show Desktop is just one of many post tips I will be adding soon. I know that Windows 8.1 is out but I would not recommend you buy this version. There is another version coming out which will fix a lot of the complaints that Windows users have cried out. Most of us including myself want the normal process for Windows to be implemented. If Microsoft wants to bring out an apps version of Windows then they should seperated it from desktop and laptop environment just like Mac has done.

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