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Last Updated: June 10, 2015

Advanced Systemcare Windows Performance Monitor illustrates extra options like scan, ram, cpu, network, disk and restart or shut down.

Latest News: I have updated step 1 and 2 to simplify the steps.

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Advanced Systemcare Windows Performance Monitor Steps

Step 1 ) Go to your bottom right hand corner on your monitor or screen where the clock is located as illustrated in the image below. Left click on the arrow pointing up. A menu will appear.


Step 2 ) Right click on the blue icon as illustrated in the image below. Click on Open Performance Monitor. Depending on your windows configuration you will be asked if you want the following programs to make changes.


Step 3 ) The Performance Monitor displays some easy to understand small monitors. They are very similar to the one windows displays. You can see your PC Health, CPU, Disk, Ram. and Network. The other options you have are, whether you want to run a Scan, CleanRam and Shutdown your PC or laptop.

If you click on the down arrows the Performance Monitor will expand.


Once it expands you will see 4 more monitors displaying the hear in Fahrenheit and Fan speed.


Step 4 ) If your face is unhappy or if you move your mouse pointer to the Scan button and you don’t see Good; then you should run a Scan.


The following image displays various details. You can even select to Automatically repair all the errors it finds and even Shut down PC . While the following scan is being carried out you can choose to Skip or Stop the scan. There will be other information that will display after it completes your scan which encourages you to Upgrade to the Pro version if you choose too. However the Free version provides enough options to keep your system safe, healthy and clean for the average home user.


Step 5 ) If you click on the arrow you will see a menu, which allows you to Shut down, Restart, Log off or Hibernate. See image below.


Step 6 ) If you click on the following arrow you can reduce the size if you find the larger monitor window too intrusive. See images below.


Step 7 ) You can always restore it back to it’s original size.


As you can see there are simply so many tools you can use to manage your Windows environment and remember that this version is FREE they also have a paid version with some more extra goodies for you. However I find that most of you will probably have enough with the free version.

I will be updated more details about this complete utility from time to time. I suggest that you keep coming back to learn more about this tool. If you have any request or some information to add please add a comment below.

Click on the following URL Protect to continue.

You might be interested in Advanced System Care Pro 7 which has more power and more options.

Or  you might be interested in the latest Advanced SystemCare 8 PRO (1 year subscription / 3 PCs).

If you have any questions let me know. I keep updating this post from time to time.


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  1. What if i dont have that button (to expend performance monitor)?

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