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Last Updated: June 10, 2015

Advanced Systemcare Windows Toolbox shows some of the cool tools you can use to troubleshoot your windows system and more.

Latest News: I have updated the images to reflect the latest version 8.0.3.

Advanced Systemcare Windows Tutorials:

  1. Advanced Systemcare Windows
  2. Performance Monitor
  3. Protect
  4. Toolbox

Advanced Systemcare Windows Toolbox Steps

Step 1 ) Lets look at some of the tools found in Toolbox, Startup Manager, Default Programs, Start Menu 8, ASC Portable Version and finally Disk Explorer. Remember these are just some of the many tools that you have at your disposal with this utility. See images below.

The following option allows you to create a protable version, which you can take to troubleshoot friends and relatives computers and laptops. This is very handy to have as a portable tool.


Step 2 ) The following Default Program can help you select which programs or software you would like to have as a default for various utilities, software and more.

In general Windows allows you to change these settings. However if you are already using ASC, it makes it much simpler to have all these options in one place. It reduces the amount of search and clicks with your mouse.


Step 3 ) The Disk Explorer tool can help you find files and folders that are using a large amount of space in your hard disk. I know that nowadays people have Gigs for hard disk. However you will be surprise how quickly people use up gigs in their laptops or desktops.

Nowadays everyone is downloading large files from the internet like movies, media etc. Having this tool handy can help you find what is taking up so much space. Especially when you create backups and you find out that your backup is huge in size.


Step 4 ) This new hot Startup Manager comes in handy. Everyone usually complaints about how slow their computer or laptop starts up. This tool searches your system and finds every program and utilities and more that is starting up when your system starts. It then pin points what is taking too long at start up.

Once it completes it tasks it then gives you the amount of seconds it take for each individual start up program and adds them all up to give you a final delay time. A very handy tool to use and have.

advanced-systemcare-tutorial-start-menu8 - Copy

Step 5 ) When Windows 8 came out most people around the world complaint in regards to the startup menu they were so use to in Windows XP and 7.. Microsoft released Windows 8.1. If you don’t have Windows 8.1 and you don’t have the standard startup menu structure, then this tool will help you.


You might be interested in Advanced System Care Pro 7 which has more power and more options.

Or  you might be interested in the latest Advanced SystemCare 8 PRO (1 year subscription / 3 PCs).

If you have any questions let me know. I keep updating this post from time to time.


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