Aug 312021
WP Affiliate Platform Integration Related

WP Affiliate Platform Integration Related tutorial shows you how to setup the integration options for some plugins and themes. These are optional settings that can be useful for some 3rd party integration setup. Important Links: Documentation page = Contains all the documentation for the WP Affiliate Platform plugin. WordPress Affiliate Platform Features =  A list of features […]

Aug 302021
WP Affiliate Platform Plugin

WP Affiliate Platform Plugin tutorial shows you a list of tutorials to help you to set up your affiliate platform in your site and more. Last Updated: September 16, 2021 Latest News: Updated the documentation. Note: This tutorial was written using WP Affiliate Platform Version 5.9.1. The current version is WP Affiliate Platform 6.3.7 August 2, 2021. […]

Jul 222021
AIOWPS Import/Export Settings

AIOWPS Import/Export Settings post shows you how to export and import your settings. Also provides some troubleshooting steps. This documentation shows you how to export your settings. It also helps you troubleshoot import/export feature to make sure it is working as expected in your site. Note: The import process works in the following manner. If you […]

Jul 192021
Add New WP Redirection To Your Site

WordPress Redirection Plugin Redirects Settings shows you how to set up and manage all redirects in your site by configuring a few settings. The following instructions shows you how to enable some of the features to allow new redirections in your site using WordPress redirection plugin. Make sure you pay attention to the functionality for […]

Jun 282021
WP Express Checkout Plugin

The WP Express Checkout plugin is ideal to sell services and products online using PayPal and more. Last Updated: January 20, 2022 Latest News: Updated the documentation. This simple shopping cart plugin allows you to sell products or services in your site. Currently there are no addons, however as the plugin popularity grows the developers will […]

Jun 212021
WordPress Slideshow SE Plugin

WordPress Slideshow SE Plugin allows you to set up slideshows for your site using this very simple yet powerful plugin. Note: This tutorial was written using Slideshow Version 2.5.5 20/06/2021. Slideshow SE Plugin is a simple yet powerful slideshow plugin. There are a few settings you can configure to customize your slideshows and more. The […]