Feb 162017

How To Create A WordPress Menu post will show you how to create a menu or menus and add some pages for your website / laptop and more. Menus are very important and displaying the correct menu in your site will help and direct the visitors to the correct area in your site. When someone […]

Feb 132017

How To Install WordPress Theme post will show you how to install a theme, upload a theme from your computer or laptop into your website and more. Themes are very important and making sure you install the correct theme for your website is very important. When someone lands on your site within the first few […]

Jul 172013

WordPress Setup page will show you how to set up WordPress, manage posts, insert images, install a theme, install plugins and much more. Last Updated: March 25, 2017 Latest News: I have started to add YouTube videos and slowly I will be removing all the Wink tutorials. The following image shows you what WordPress 4.1 looks like. […]