Jul 272015

MailChimp Plugin For WordPress tutorial will show you how to add subscription option to your website using this very simple but powerful plugin. Last Updated: December 11, 2019 Latest News: Updated the changelog. Everyone knows that attracting customers and more visitors to your website requires a few more additions to your websites like a subscription […]

Mar 272015

WordPress Simple Membership MailChimp Integration Setup shows you how to integrate MailChimp Add-on with the plugin. Last Updated: November 5, 2019 Latest News: Updated the information to include the changes is version 1.9.2 In this tutorial you will learn how to integrate WordPress Simple Membership plugin with MailChimp. You will learn how to automatically signup […]

Feb 202014

WordPress eStore Plugin Autoresponder Settings tutorial shows you how to set up the following autoresponder settings, aweber settings, mailchimp settings, getresponse settings and more. Last Updated: September 22, 2019 Latest News: I updated a link. Remember: Check all your options before you save them. Run the sandbox settings for further testing before you publish your […]