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WordPress Affiliates Manager Create New Affiliate post shows you how to manually create a new member for your affiliate store.

Last Updated: May 28, 2021

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

The information below covers all aspects of adding new affiliates to your site. These steps apply to affiliates registering via the registration form or an administrator adding a new affiliate manually via the plugins admin panel.

What You Need:

Note: The following link https://wpaffiliatemanager.com/affiliate-registration-and-login/ from the developers covers the registration process.

WordPress Affiliates Manager Create New Affiliate

Affiliates Home Page

When the application form is submitted via the registration page the plugin will notify the admin about the new affiliate registering via email. The admin can then view the application (from WordPress admin dashboard) and choose to approve or decline the new registration.

When the admin approves the registration the affiliate will receive the approval via email. A WordPress user account will be automatically created for the new affiliate. What this means is that the new affiliate will have a WP Users account created as well as an Affiliate account. This allows the new affiliate to log into both areas of your site.  

Note: When an affiliate registers a WordPress user account is automatically created. As a result the password is also automatically created by WordPress and sent via email. Once they log in to their affiliate dashboard they will be able to change their password.

Step 1 ) The following image displays the affiliates home page and instructions about signing up. The information on the home page can be customized if you want. The person landing on this page has the following choices.

  • Click on log in link, if they are already members.
  • Click on register link to register for a new account.

Important: This tutorial was created in a local laptop using Xampp. The URL using Xampp is http://localhost/wordpress/affiliate-home/. Your URL will be different. For example: yoursite.com/affiliate-home/. Please make a note of this.

Affiliate Home Page URL

  • The affiliates home page URL is /affiliate-home/. This page is created automatically when you install and activate the plugin for the first time. The shortcode added to the page is [AffiliatesHome ]. The URL for this tutorial is http://localhost/wordpress/affiliate-home/. Note: your site URL will be different.



Affiliate Registration Form

Step 2 ) The following image displays the affiliates registration page. This form has only a few fields just for testing purposes. The information on the home page can be customized if you want. The person registering via the form has to fill out the following fields.

Affiliates Registration Form

  • First Name (Required field)
  • Last Name (Required field)
  • E-Mail Address (Required field)
  • I have read and agree to the Terms and conditions. (Note: The affiliate must agree to the terms and conditions before they can register. If you have the “automatically approve a new affiliate” option enabled in the settings, newly registered affiliates won’t have to accept the terms and conditions.)



Manually Add An Affiliate

Step 3 ) Go to Affiliates -> New Affiliate to add a new affiliate manually. The following image displays a list of the affiliates members created for the store. For this example I added one affiliate manually.

Remember: Once you fill out the required contact information, your new affiliate will receive an email with their username and password. They will automatically be approved, but will still have to log in to agree to the terms & conditions and set their preferred payment method.

Note: A WordPress user account will also be created for the affiliate. The password generated by WordPress will be sent to the affiliate via email.

New Affiliate Details

  • Affiliate ID = 4
  • Status = Active
  • First Name = Bob
  • Last Name = Smith
  • Email = bobsmith@yahoo.com, this is the login user name.



Step 4 ) Once you have added a new affiliate, this affiliate is also added to WP Users. The following image displays the new added user.

New Added User Credentials

  • Username = bobsmith@yahoo.com
  • Email = bobsmith@yahoo.com
  • Role = Affiliate (Note: The “Affiliate” role has the same capability as a “Subscriber”.)


Affiliate Export Data

Step 5 ) The following image Export Data tab allows you to export your affiliates data to a CSV file by clicking on Export to CSV button.



Affiliate Login

Step 6 ) The following image Affiliate Login display the login widget. Once the affiliate membership is approved they will use this widget to log into their account.

Affiliate Login URL

  • The affiliate login page URL is /affiliate-home/affiliate-login/. This page is created automatically when you install and activate the plugin for the first time. The shortcode found in this page is [AffiliatesLogin ]. The full login URL in this example is http://localhost/wordpress/affiliate-home/affiliate-login/. Note: your URL will be different.


Note: The affiliate can reset the password by clicking on the link lost your password? as illustrated in the image above.


Store Affiliates

Step 7 ) The following image Store Affiliates shows you what the affiliate sees when they log into their account. The new affiliate member will have access to the following menu tabs in their account.

Affiliate Menu Tabs

  • Overview
  • Sales
  • Payment History
  • Creatives
  • Edit Profile = The affiliate can now change their password from here.
  • Log out = The affiliate can log out from their affiliate account. They can also log out from the WordPress dashboard located on the top right hand corner of the browser.


Step 7-a ) The default store affiliates home page URL is /affiliate-home/. This page is created automatically when you install and activate the plugin for the first time. The shortcode added to this page is [AffiliatesHome ]. The URL for this tutorial is http://localhost/wordpress/affiliate-home/.

Note: Your URL path will be different i.e. yoursite.com/affiliate-home/.



Step 8 ) The following image shows you the WordPress user logged in menu displayed above the Store Affiliates menu.



Step 9 ) The following image shows you what the member sees when they click on Dashboard link as illustrated in the image above. They can see the following in their account.

Affiliate Dashboard

  • Dashboard
  • Profile
  • Affiliates



Step 10 ) The following image shows you what a member sees when their account has been deactivated but the WordPress Users account is still active. They have access to the WordPress Users login but not to the Store Affiliates login area.



Step 11 ) The following image shows you an Error message is displayed when a new affiliate member tries to log in with the wrong password.


Troubleshooting Tips

Q1 I have a problem when “Settings -> General -> Automatically approve a new affiliate” is active. The registered user does not receive the following contents of the “affiliate_application_approved_email” email, giving them their username, password and login url as per e-mail settings.

Answer: This happens when you try to create an affiliate account when you are logged in as a WordPress user. There is no need to create new credentials for an existing WordPress user account.


Q2 I run an affiliate program that sends you login details when you register. The problem is the customers are not allowed to login even when they have the right credentials. How do I fix this issue?

Answer: The login credentials are generated and authenticated by WordPress (when an affiliate tries to log in). The plugin doesn’t control this. Check the following forum post to learn more.


Q1 Do the newly registered affiliates need to agree to the terms and conditions?

Answer: If you have the “automatically approve a new affiliate” option enabled in the settings, newly registered affiliates won’t have to accept the terms and conditions.


Q2 I would like to remove the “Logout” element in the Store Affiliate Horizontal Menu.

Answer: The following CSS is a sample that works. In your site it might vary somewhat. Remember this does not actually remove the Logout tab, it simply hides it.

#aff-controls ul li:nth-child(6) {

display:none; }


The above instructions should help you manage and add new store members manually. It will also help you troubleshoot other login or registration issues you might encounter.

Click on the following URL How Logged In WP Users Register To Become Affiliates to continue with the settings.

If you have any questions please let me know.


WP Affiliates Manager Tutorials List

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  14 Responses to “WordPress Affiliates Manager Create New Affiliate”

  1. I have installed WP Affiliates Manager in my site. However, neither new affiliates never receive confirmation email nor admin receive any new affiliate register notification.

    Kindly help me to configure this out. I am just stuck.

    • Hi Ratan, have you checked to see if the e-mails are landing in the spam box? Can you carry out a test. Enable Debug mode and then carry out a test registration yourself. Once that is done, check the log file. Let me know how you go.


  2. I am still having a problem with the Log In page. When I log in I go to the correct page which says:
    Congratulations, the administrator has approved your application. You have one more step to complete before you can begin publishing for this store and generating revenue! The store owner has specified the terms of your agreement, which you will need to review and agree to.

    My problem is the link to the Terms is missing so there is nothing to click. Everything else seems to work fine. Can you please help?

    • Hi Dan,

      This happens when you try to create an affiliate account when you are logged in as a WordPress user. There is no need to create new credentials for an existing WordPress user account. Is this what happened to you?


  3. Hi,

    No I don’t think that is what happened. I have just registered another email to test a new affiliate account. I tick the box for Terms at the bottom of the registration page. Once I am approved and I log in I go back to the same page I previously mentioned. I am not being taken to the Dashboard. When I type in the Dashboard URL I am just getting a page with this short code. Can you please confirm that this short code is correct?



    • Hi, I am not familiar with that shortcode. Do you have any other affiliate plugin running in your site?

  4. After running tests on two different sites I have found that 1 site works perfect. The other site is missing all links from the pages that were created. The site that doesn’t work is a Woo commerce store.

    Log in page…missing “Lost your password?”
    After Login…missing “Review Terms and Get Started!”
    If I am already logged in and go back to the login page…missing “Log Out” link

  5. Hello… I have installed the affiliate manager plugin. However, I run a website that is enclosed. That means, I only have the affiliate manager plugin to do the work of registration and payment. How do I track payment coming through referral links as I am not using PayPal but a different payment gateway page (paystack) will it still show and give rewards to the right affiliate even though payment is not been done directly on affiliate manager plugin?

    • Hi, the answer unfortunately is no. Our plugin requires one of our integrated addon for the affiliate system to work.

      Kind regards

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