Oct 232015

Setup PayPal IPN Encoding Message to UTF-8 post shows you how to change the encoding format for your online messages in your site. Last Updated: November 11, 2019 Latest News: Updated the documentation including the images. You might run into issues with the language format for your online store PayPal messages. This can be true for […]

Sep 112015

Last Updated: March 05, 2016 Create PayPal Account post will teach you the importance of creating a PayPal account. It is one of the most secure systems online today. It is time to create a PayPal account. I am sure most of you have had doubts in the past or still in the present about […]

Apr 072015

Last Updated: March 05, 2016 Add PayPal Shopping Cart Button WordPress shows you how to copy and paste the button code manually into WordPress post or page. In this tutorial I show you how to copy and paste the code to a WordPress website. However you can paste the code into any website regardless of the […]

Apr 072015

PayPal Shopping Cart Customise Advanced Features shows you how to allow customers to send special instructions to you the seller. Last Updated: August 27, 2017 Latest News: I have fixed a broken link. There are times when you need to collect some instructions from your buyers. These settings will allow you to carry out that […]

Apr 072015

Last Updated: March 05, 2016 How to Create PayPal Shopping Cart Button shows you how to create buttons using the Button Factory. Latest News: I have added another link to the menu below. Remember you must have a PayPal Business or Premier account to use the PayPal Button Factory to create buttons and use the […]

May 182014

WordPress Simple Shopping Cart PayPal Language Encoding post will help you set up your encoding language settings for your shopping cart. Last Updated: March 4, 2019 Latest News: I updated a link in the bottom of the document. This will help you to troubleshoot the problems with your e-mail sending gibberish characters or simply not […]