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WordPress Subscription Plugins report, provides information on the following plugins Subscribe To Double Opt In Comments, MailPoet Newsletters and MailChimp for WordPress.

Last Updated: June 9, 2022

Latest News: Updated the version information.

Information: Always remember to try and not have too many plugins added to your website or blog. The more plugins you add the more request and processing resources it requires to use from your server!!!

Please read the following link Help Support WordPress Plugins And Themes Developers to help support the developers.

WordPress Subscription Plugins



Subscribe to Double-Opt-In Comments

Based on the well known Subscribe-to-Comments Plugin, but now with double-opt-in feature to prevent spam.

You might like to check the following URL Subscribe To Double-Opt-In Comments Plugin Options.

Information: I have been using this plugin for a few years now and it works well. It has also been updated regularly. It is very simple, easy to set up and does the job.

Version 6.6.12 | By Tobiask | Last Updated: June 25, 2021 | Compatible up to WordPress 5.7.3



MailPoet Newsletters

Send newsletters, post notifications or autoresponders from WordPress easily, and beautifully.

You can check my tutorial MailPoet Newsletters Tutorials.

Important: This plugin has now reached more than 6.3 million downloads and more than 100,000 active installs.

Note: This plugin is slowly being phased out. It is replaced by MailPoet 3

Version 2.21 | By MailPoet Staff | Last Updated: February 4, 2022 | Compatible up to WordPress 5.5.9



MailChimp for WordPress

The best MailChimp plugin to get more email subscribers. Easily add MailChimp sign-up forms and sign-up checkboxes to your WordPress site.

You might be interested to read my tutorial MailChimp For WordPress

Important: This plugin has now reached more than 34 million downloads. and more than 2 million active installs.

Version 4.8.7 | By Danny van Kooten and iMazed | Last Updated: June 2, 2022 | Compatible up to WordPress 6.0



Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded is a robust plugin that enables commentators to sign up for email notification of subsequent entries. The plugin includes a full-featured subscription manager that your commentators can use to unsubscribe to certain posts or suspend all notifications. It solves most of the issues that affect Mark Jaquith’s version, using the latest WordPress features and functionality. Plus, allows administrators to enable a double opt-in mechanism, requiring users to confirm their subscription clicking on a link they will receive via email or even One Click Unsubscribe.

Version 220608 | By WPKube | Last Updated: June 9, 2022 | Compatible up to WordPress 6.0


This list will change from time to time and it will grow with more plugins added. Please keep coming back to review the changes and additions.

If you have a questions please let me know


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