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Troubleshooting eStore Plugin is a list of common issues that I have compiled from the forum and ones I think will also help.

Last Updated: September 22, 2019

Latest News: I updated a link.

Remember: Check all your options before you save them. Run the sandbox settings for further testing before you publish your online shopping store. This plugin has many features to setup.

Troubleshooting eStore Plugin Solutions

The list below will assist you further to resolve some of your issues, if it doesn’t please log into the forum and ask for help. This list will grow as I come across more issues from the forum.

Q1 ) The most common problem many encounter is compatibility and stability between eStore and other plugins or themes. By making sure you have the latest version you will avoid some of the common issues.

Solution One: Click on the following link Request Product Update or Fresh Download.

Q2 ) I have an issue with my download link from Amazon S3. The following URL will provide some instructions to help you with this issue.

Solution: You can check the following link Troubleshooting Amazon S3 Download Link Issues

Q3 ) I am not receiving e-mails even though an e-mail has been sent? The following URL will provide some instructions to help you with this issue.

Solution: You can check the following link Not Receiving Emails Even Though The Plugin Sent The Email

Q4 ) I would like to customize the offline/manual payment portion where the users will select the offline payment mode they will be using

  • Go to the following settings option¬†WP eStore >> Settings >> Payment Gateway Settings >> Manual / Off-line Checkout Settings >> Directions for the Customer

Q5 ) I am not happy with the way the existing checkout page looks?

Solution: You can check the following link wp-estore-shortcodes-and-functions-reference-460

Q6 ) Not all plugins and themes will play nice with this plugin. You can check the following link.

Solution: You can check the following link list-of-plugins-that-dont-play-nice-conflicting-plugins

Edit Confirm Order Button

Q7 ) How can I change the “confirm order” button on the page with the customer’s details (first name, etc.) with an image button?

Solution: You can check the following link manual-checkout-confirm-order-button

Q8 ) How to create a specific checkout page for eStore?

Solution: You can check the following link how-to-create-a-specific-checkout-page-for-estore

Q9 ) Sometimes you might need to debug JavaScript Errors on Your Site.

Solution: You can check the following link debugging-javascript-errors-on-your-site

Q10 ) How to customize various text messages displayed by the plugin.

Solution: You can check the following link how-to-customize-various-textmessages-displayed-by-the-plugin

Q11 ) Wrong Way of adding JQuery library to WordPress РSource of Javascript Conflicts.

Solution: You can check the following link wrong-way-of-adding-jquery-library-to-wordpress-source-of-javascript-conflicts

Q12 ) Are my donwloadable files in my download directory Protected?

Solution: You can check the following link download-directory-protection

PayPal Shipping Settings

Q13 ) How do I override PayPal shipping settings? 

Solution:¬†Make sure that in the plugin you don’t enable the following settings.

WP eStore >> Settings >> Payment Gateway Settings >> PayPal Settings >>¬†Use PayPal Profile Based Shipping <====Don’t enable this.

Solution:¬†Make sure you don’t add in the plugin i.e under

WP eStore >> Settings >> General Settings >> Shipping & Tax Related Settings

Solution:¬†If the above does not work then you need to enable shipping override in the Paypal account. If shipping override option is not enabled in the paypal account then the plugin won’t be able to do it.

Read the following post that will tell you where in the PayPal account to look for this shipping override settings:

Q14 ) I am receiving gibrish mail characters in the sale notification email.

Solution: Check the following URL WordPress Simple Shopping Cart PayPal Language Encoding

Check Autoresponder Integration

Q15 ) How do I test to see if my autoresponder integration is working? 

Solution: Click on the following link wp-estore-troubleshooting-autoresponder-signup-not-working

Q16 ) How do I set up PayPal IPN?

Solution: Please read the following URL How To Setup PayPal IPN.

Q17 ) How to Easily Import or Export any of Your WordPress Database Table Content?

Solution: Please read the following URL How To Easily Import Or Export Any Of Your WordPress Database Content Using phpMyAdmin

Q18 ) Is the plugin capable of calculating and adding on tax?

Solution 1: Check the following URL how-to-use-sales-tax-regional-international-when-selling-using-paypal.

There will be more to come, so visit this link from time to time. If you have any request please let me know.


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