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Last Updated: January 03, 2016

I have been following Paint Net Image Editor which is becoming a very powerful image editor just like Gimp and Photoshop but free like Gimp. The difference between Paint.Net and Gimp is the learning curve. Paint.Net is very simple and easy to learn software. It has many similarities to Ms Paint found in windows environment. If you use Ms Paint then you will love because it was a project that was developed with the intention to replace Ms paint.

Latest news: I have updated the changelog. 

Latest version Paint.NET 4.0.7 and 4.0.8 (Released on December 30,  2015)

  • Changed: .NET Framework 4.6 is now required, and will be installed if necessary
  • New: Swedish translation
  • Fixed: Title bar now uses the Windows 10 accent color
  • Fixed: Floating windows were not remembering their locations on some non-English systems
  • Improved: Performance of “committing” (finishing) is now up to 10x faster, which greatly improves responsivness for quick drawing operations
  • Improved Shapes tool quality when drawn without antialiasing, with line styles, and at 1 pixel brush width
  • Improved Shapes tool rendering performance on CPUs with many cores (8+)
  • Improved: Installing a “complex” custom Shape no longer causes very long hangs at app startup
  • Improved: Image->Resize is now much faster
  • Fixed: Image->Resize would sometimes cause the main window to flicker or lose focus
  • Fixed: Image->Resize would sometimes do nothing instead of resizing the image to a very large size
  • Fixed: Labels on the vertical ruler were misleading because they were on the wrong side of the tick mark
  • Improved the ruler’s performance
  • Fixed: Edit->Copy now works if the data copied to the clipboard is larger than 2GB
  • Fixed: Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End keys now work in the main canvas area
  • Fixed: Paint.NET will no longer incorrectly block Windows from restarting
  • Fixed: Rotate/Zoom no longer crashes on very large images
  • Improved: Reduced CPU/GPU and battery use when the app is not in the foreground
  • Improved: Reduced CPU and battery use of the UI for the Move and Shapes tools
  • Added: Custom Shapes XAML now supports cardinal splines via PolyCurveSegment (a new PathSegment type)
  • Improved: Various performance improvements
  • Fixed: Several rare or uncommon crashes
  • Fixed: The Line/Curve tool was crashing when drawing vertical lines of particular lengths.

Paint Net Image Editor Tutorials:

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Paint Net Image Editor

Below are two images displaying the differences between the two of them.

  1. 4.0.3 = It has not changed much in version 4.0.8
  2. Windows 10 Paint

This image belongs to Paint Net 4.0.3


This image belongs to Windows 10 MS Paint


A team of developers decided to keep on with the project and release it to the market for free.

I know that many of you out there are always looking for something easy, simple to use and not too heavy in resources for example it does not use too much RAM or disk space. This is the one to use, so what are you waiting for to try this great software click Paint.Net to download a copy to your computer or laptop.

Click on the following URL Paint Net Image Editor Top Menu Tools to learn more about Paint Net.

This tutorial will be updated from time to time. If you have any questions please let me know.


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