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What is piracy? From what I know if you make a copy of a software and sell the copy while keeping the original that is considered to be piracy and it is against the law in most if not all countries.

Last Updated: January 3, 2023

Always read the EULA before installing any software and program. Most vendors allow you to make 1 legal copy and use the copy while holding onto the original, this prevents the original from being damaged, but you are not allowed to lend or sell the copy while holding onto the original. That is against the law. Be very careful fines are very expensive.

Latest News: I have edited the information further.

What is Software Piracy?

I know that some programs a very expensive to buy and some games are great to play and cost too much for your budget. Think of the many hours it took to produce that program and game. Many people where involved with the development of the software, tool, utility, operating system and games. Do you want to take away their rights to earn a living, they also have families. Some of them studied very hard for many years to achieve what they know today and it cost them a lot of money as well for the education. Some have spent countless hours on the internet studying open source code like PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, XML, Java, JavaScript and more.

I work in the IT industry and I know how much work is involved in developing software, how many hours are devoted to producing good quality work. It is always great to reward these people for all their hard work. So tell me how would you feel if someone stole your software, one you produced that took you many sleepless nights to produce? What if someone else was making a profit from your hard work and taking away many potential clients. I bet you would feel cheated, upset and angry to say the least. No one wants their hard work to be taken away without any payment or recognition.

Please take the right action in life and do what is right. When you see illegal copies don’t install them or use them simply delete them, destroy the dvd’s or cd’s and report them to the authorities, software developers or manufacturers. Feel proud for taking this honorable action. God will reward you in other ways.

By the way there are hundreds of great freeware software, tools, utilities, games, anti-virus and more for you to use with no strings attached and even open source programs, software etc. So why use pirated software?

Come on what are you waiting for, do the right thing……

God bless

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