Dec 172010

Last Updated: June 08, 2014

Please be aware of a very nasty Trojan going around. Some are sending e-mails and unfortunately this Trojan is some how attaching itself to the e-mails. If you receive an e-mail from a relative, friend or colleagues and it has something like the following link…

Please DO NOT INSTALL, this is a nasty Trojan and it will take over your operating system and you will spend some time trying to remove this Trojan.

I have removed it already from 2 computers.

Go to the following remove my security shield link to view instructions on how to remove this nasty Trojan.  It will also provide a link to download a very powerful tool you should have, they have a paid and a free version. The free version helped me remove the Trojan.

If you need more information or help just post a message here.

Good luck

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