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Last Updated: November 29, 2015

Gimp Image Editor Menu Layer tutorial will cover the following part, Image and Layer. Both have many tools and configurations to play with .

Latest News: I have added another link to the menu.

When it comes to image editing, having the option to work with layers helps you further to enrich and create some stunning images, logos, banner and more. Gimp has allows you to work with layers. It is something that many at the beginning don’t understand but as they become familiar with layers they get to understand the power of layers.

Gimp Image Editor Tutorials:

  1. Layout
  2. Tools Menu File
  3. Tools Edit
  4. Select
  5. View
  6. Image
  7. Layer
  8. Colors
  9. Tools
  10. Filters
  11. Filters Part Two
  12. Filters Part Three
  13. Windows Help

Gimp Image Editor Menu Layer Steps

Step 1 ) Click on Layer to view all available tools.

List of the tools available:

  • New Layer
  • New From Visible
  • New Layer Group
  • Duplicate layer
  • Anchor layer
  • Merge Down
  • Delete Layer
  • Stack
  • Mask
  • Transparency
  • Transform
  • Layer Boundary Size
  • Layer to Image Size
  • Scale Layer
  • Crop to Selection
  • Autocrop Layer


Step 2 ) Click on Layer -> Stack to view all available tools.

List of the tools available:

  • Select Previous Layer
  • Select Next Layer
  • Select Top Layer
  • Select Bottom Layer
  • Raise Layer
  • Lower Layer
  • Layer to Top
  • Layer to Bottom
  • Reverse Layer Order


Step 3 ) Click on Layer -> Mask to view all available tools.

List of the tools available:

  • Add Layer Mask
  • Apply Layer Mask
  • Delete Layer Mask
  • Show Layer Mask
  • Edit Layer Mask
  • Disable Layer Mask
  • Mask to Selection
  • Add Layer Mask to Selection
  • Subtract Layer Mask from Selection
  • Intersect Layer Mask with Selection


Step 4 ) Click on Layer -> Transparency to view all available tools.

List of the tools available:

  • Add Alpha Channel
  • Remove Alpha Channel
  • Color to Alpha
  • Semi-flatten
  • Threshold Alpha
  • Alpha to Selection
  • Add Alpha channel to Selection
  • Subtract from Selection
  • Intersect with Selection


Step 5 ) Click on Layer -> Transform to view all available tools.

List of the tools available:

  • Flip Horizontally
  • Flip Vertically
  • Rotate 90° clockwise
  • Rotate 90° counter-clockwise
  • Rotate 180°
  • Arbitrary Rotation
  • Offset


Click on the following link Colors to learn more about the menu.

I will update this tutorial from time to time. So keep coming back for the latest. If you have any questions please let me know.


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