Oct 072020
Delete VPS Tmp Files WHM

The following tutorial Delete VPS Tmp Files WHM, shows you how to check the server status and delete files and folders in the /tmp directory. Last Updated: December 13, 2020 Latest News: Updated the documentation. It is important to monitor the server status regularly especially if you have many users hosted in your server. The […]

Dec 102018
How To Backup Windows 10 Files

The following post How To Backup Windows 10 Files shows you how to backup windows files, media etc using the internal tool that comes with windows. This tutorial will show you how to create backups of your files and more. Everyone knows how important it is to backup your files, especially those important photos from […]

Nov 032014
WordPress Simple Download Monitor Plugin

WordPress Simple Download Monitor Plugin post shows you now to control and monitor all your downloads from your website and more. Last Updated: March 4, 2024 Latest News: Updated the changelog. If you are thinking about adding download files to your website or blog then this is the plugin for you. It is simple to […]