Aug 192019

WP Super Cache Plugin helps your site improve the speed and optimization by caching the content and more. It also improves your SEO status. There are many cache plugins in WordPress repository. WP Super Cache is one of the most popular cache plugins. It is easy to setup and manage. It has many good reviews […]

Aug 152019

How To Manually Optimize Images In WordPress tutorial shows you how to easily optimizes images without using a plugin and more. Everyone knows when you start publishing blog posts and pages you upload images. Images are important and very much needed to illustrate information and more. However these images can represent a weight for the […]

Aug 112019

WP Database Cleaner Overview And Settings tutorial shows you how to manage the admin menu display, the welcome message display and more. The Overview & Settings tab in Advanced Database Cleaner plugin allows you to manage a few features. It also displays information about the database, your site and the server. The following instructions will help […]

Aug 092019

All In One WP Security And Firewall Miscellaneous Settings helps you activate the following options copy protection, frames and more. AIOWPS plugin has a miscellaneous section that allows you to further protect your site by activating one or all of the following options. The miscellaneous section will keep on growing with future updates. Miscellaneous Features: […]

Aug 072019

WP Far Future Expiry Header Plugin post shows you how to set up and configure your sites static files like images with a far future expiry date. Far Future Expiry Header Changelo 1.4 The far future expiry is written using days instead of hours so GT metrix can read it better. This plugin helps you […]

Jul 302019

Clipper WordPress Theme Emails Settings tutorial will show you how to setup the e-mail system, coupon in clipper and more. In this tutorial you will learn how to set up and enable the e-mail system in Clipper. It also covers enabling the sending an e-mail when a new user registers, prune coupons, allow HTML in […]

Jul 222019

Clipper WordPress Theme Admin Settings post will show you how to setup and manage the dashboard admin settings and more. In this post you will learn how to set up Clipper admin menu dashboard and other settings. You will also learn about security, system info and more. There are some tutorials found under Clipper -> […]

Jul 162019

Taskerr WordPress Theme Footer Area post shows you how to customize and edit the footer area in your site and more. In this post you will learn how to manage the footer area of your site. Taskerr theme has the option to add widgets to the footer area through the customizer. This allows you to […]