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WordPress Event Organizer Plugins report, provides information on the following plugins Event Organiser and more plugins coming soon.

Last Updated: November 29, 2019

Latest News: Updated the version number.

WordPress is a great CMS “Content Management System”. Many websites nowadays require some sort of organization structured to manage all their events and more.

With the following plugins integrates well with WordPress websites. By integrating with WordPress it will allow you to create events that have the same functionality as posts and at the same time adding features that allow you to manage your events.

Some of the plugins below will provide the possibility to repeat your events according to complex schedules and assign your events to venues.

Information: Always remember to try and not have too many plugins added to your website or blog. The more plugins you add the more request and processing resources it requires to use from your server!!!

Please read the following link Help Support WordPress Plugins And Themes Developers to help support the developers.

WordPress Event Organizer Plugins



Event Ograniser

Create and maintain events, including complex reoccurring patterns, venue management (with Google maps), calendars and customisable event lists

Version 3.8.6 | By Stephen Harris | Last Updated: November 22, 2019 | Compatible up to WordPress 5.3.0


This list will change from time to time and it will grow with more plugins added. Please keep coming back to review the changes and additions.

If you have a questions please let me know


Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs List:

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