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WordPress Backup Plugin XCloner Admin Dashboard post will provide vital information about your current website and server settings and more.

Last Updated; June 8, 2020

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

The following information will show you the current website and server settings. The information can help you to troubleshoot any issues you might run into when you first install the plugin. Sometimes the host might make some changes to the server and this information can also help you. This information will also let you know if you can create a backup.

Most of these settings are carried out in the server. So if you are not managing your server and don’t know much about servers, you will need to contact your host about making some changes. Increasing the following PHP max_execution_time: and PHP memory_limit: server settings can benefit your backups. Of course depending on your server, there might be other settings that need to be tweaked and or enabled.

What you need:

WordPress Backup Plugin XCloner Admin Dashboard

Step 1 ) When you install the plugin for the first time and you click on Site Backup -> Dashboard on the admin menu, you will see the following image. The information is simply letting you know the types of backups created, the size and much more.

The dashboard provides the following information.

Backup Status

  • Latest Backup
  • Backup Storage Usage
  • Next Scheduled Backup
  • XCloner Debugger

Note: You might also see the following message if there are no backups or after installing and activating the plugin for the first time.

You have no backup that I could find, please generate a new backup to keep your site protected.


Step 1-a ) The following image System Check provides the following information about your current settings.

  • Backup Start Location:
  • Backup Storage Location:
  • Temporary Location:
  • PHP Version Check:
  • PHP Safe Mode:


Step 1-b ) The following image Additional System Info provides the following information about your current website/ server settings.

Additional System Info

  • PHP max_execution_time:
  • PHP memory_limit:
  • PHP open_basedir:
  • Reading Time 1MB Block:
  • Writing Time 1MB Block:
  • Free Disk Space:


The above information is important and can help you troubleshoot some of the issues you might run into when you first install the plugin.

Click on the following link Backup Settings to continue with the settings.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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