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WordPress Plugin XCloner Backup Settings post will show you how to adjust and enable the general and advanced settings in the plugin.

Last Updated; April 15, 2018

The following information helps you manage the functionality of the settings in the plugin. It is important to make sure that you configure the settings correctly or else you might run into issues while creating your backups. These steps can also help you troubleshoot some of the error messages you might run into when creating backups.

Note: It is important that you carefully read the help features of every option that you choose to enable and or set up.

WordPress Plugin XCloner Backup Settings

Step 1 ) The following image XCloner Backup Settings shows you the 4 menu tabs available in the plugin admin settings. The following are the settings you can configure.

  • General Options
  • Mysql Options
  • System Options
  • Cleanup Options


Step 2 ) Go to Site Backup -> Settings -> General Options to adjust and setup the following options.

General Options

  • Backup Compression Level
  • Backup Start Location
  • Backup Storage Location
  • Enable XCloner Backup Log
  • Generate Backups before Automatic WP Upgrades
  • Regex Exclude Files


Step 3 ) Go to Site Backup -> Settings -> Mysql Options to adjust and setup the following options.

  • Enable Mysql Backup
  • Backup only WP tables
  • Mysql Hostname
  • Mysql Username
  • Mysql Database


System Options

Step 4 ) Go to Site Backup -> Settings -> System Options to adjust and setup the following options.

Note: These are advance options recommended for developers. So make sure you know what you are doing before making any changes to these settings. 

  • Data Size Limit Per Request
  • Files To Process Per Request
  • Directories To Scan Per Request
  • Database Records Per Request
  • Exclude files larger than (MB)
  • Split Backup Archive Limit (MB)
  • Force Temporary Path Within XCloner Storage


Cleanup Options

Step 5 ) Go to Site Backup -> Settings -> Cleanup Options to adjust and setup the following options.

  • Cleanup by Date(days)
  • Cleanup by Quantity
  • Cleanup by Capacity(MB)
  • Delete Backup After Remote Storage Transfer


The above information is important when configuring XCloner settings. Make sure you revise your settings carefully before you start creating your backups. After you have completed the settings above you should carry out a backup test and a backup restore test. This will prove that your settings are set up correctly.

Click on the following link Remote Storage Settings to continue with the settings.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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