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WordPress Affiliates Manager Troubleshooting post will provide solutions to the most common questions and issues found while running this plugin.

Last Updated: February 6, 2024

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

This is a list of common questions asked in the wordpress.org forum and in the plugins own forum wpaffiliatemanager.com/forums/forum/affiliate-manager-plugin/. The list below will assist you further to resolve your issues, if it doesn’t please let me know. If you have a question that needs an answer please also let me know and I will try and find a solution and post the question and solution here.

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WordPress Affiliates Manager Troubleshooting Steps

User Role Issues

Q1 Affiliate applications are not being approved, username and password not being sent?

Solution One: Please do the following:

1) Enable debug in the affiliates manager settings
2) Reset the log file
3) Do a test affiliate registration
4) Go back to the settings and check the log file to see if the email was sent by the plugin

Are you trying to register by logging in as an admin? If so no new WordPress user account will be created. You can either log out of wp-admin or open the registration page on a different browser to test it (where you are not logged into wp-admin).

If the log file confirms that there was no error when WordPress sent the email, that means email is getting lost somewhere else. Usually this type of issue occurs on servers where there are various restrictions in place (example: number of outgoing emails, type of email address used). You can install a SMTP plugin to bypass these restrictions and send email using a SMTP server. (Solution provided by Shadow Labs)


Q2 The customer is not being registered as a user when added to WooCommerce plugin.

Solution One: WooCommerce doesn’t create a WordPress user account for the customer unless Create an account? is checked at checkout. Make sure this feature is checked.


Registration Form

Q1 The registration form doesn’t work. When clients click register it just reloads the page and nothing works. How do I fix this issue?

Solution One: If you have our Google reCAPTCHA addon installed but you didn’t configure the settings. That would prevent the registration form from working. Check the following forum post for more information.


Q2 I am getting a nonce registration error message. How do I fix this issue? Below is another similar error:

Nonce Security Check Failed!

Solution One: A nonce is a one-time use security token generated by WordPress to help protect URLs and forms from misuse. Nonces are unique to a user’s session. This prevents certain types of forged attacks from being successful by validating the submit request is done by the current user. This type of error is usually generated because you are running a cache plugin in your site or server. Check the following forum post for more information.


Plugin Conflicts

Q1 I have an issue with “Permalink Manager Lite” and your plugin. I receive the following error message. How do I fix this issue?

Error! Nonce Security Check Failed! Please submit your payment details again.

Solution One: The plugin developer for Permalink Manager Lite posted a solution in the forum.


Make Changes

Q1 I would like to remove the part where the people create a default creative?

Solution One: The plugin developer posted a solution in the forum.


Email Issues

Q1 I get the following error message Email address is in used although the registration is successful sometimes. How do I fix this issue?

Solution One: Check the following link forum post for a possible solution.


Miscellaneous Issues

Q1 I just installed the WP Affiliates Manager plugin in WooCommerce.
I created a test affiliate account, and when I enter the website using the link that contains the wpam_id, it is working find and it is shown in the url when I transfer from page to page within the shop section, however, when I click on any other page on the website the wpam_id=# disappears from the url! not only that, even when I select a product to purchase it from the shop it will also disappear! Is there something I should do?

Solution: That’s just a URL parameters that allows the plugin to check whether the user was referred by an affiliate. When the user goes to a different page it’s supposed to disappear from the page URL. As long as the initial click got tracked in the plugin, the affiliate will receive commission for the purchase. https://wpaffiliatemanager.com/cookie-duration-use/ (Solution provided by @affmngr in the forum)


Q2 When I add an affiliate every single visit for his link is multiplied by two. For example: If I click on his link one time I find in the dashboard the number of visits (2).

Solution: If somehow that hook gets triggered twice on the same page load (because of some server issue or internal redirection) the click may get recorded twice. Unfortunately our plugin cannot do anything about it. Check the following forum post for more information.


Q3 I am facing the issue of cookie not setting up in user’s browser. If user clicks on the affiliate link and checkout right away without closing the tab then commission gets recorded but if user closes the tab and gets back after some time or within the cookie set period, the affiliate does not get any commission. I tried to find cookie in wpam in chrome but couldn’t find it.

Solution: The issue was resolved by excluding the following cookie “wpam_id” from the server side, specially for those hosts which uses cloudflare enterprise. Check the following forum post for more information.


Database Tables

Q1 What are the tables used by the plugin. I want to totally delete the plugin form my site?

Solution: Below is a list of tables you can delete from your database. Note: Your table prefix wp_ will be different.


Click on the following link support thread to learn more.


I will be updating this post from time to time. So keep coming back for the latest troubleshooting answers. If you have a question please send me an e-mail or leave a comment.


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  1. Hello,
    in the subject of Miscellaneous issues: no purchase is recorded, visit yes, but no transaction, once I click “Add to the cart”, the affiliate ID disappears and the transaction is not linked to the ID. Dashboard shows no transaction (both, admin and affiliate).

    • Hi, maybe there is a conflict with one of your other plugins. Can you disable all of your other plugins except Affiliate Manager. Then carry out a test. Let me know what happens.

      Thank you

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