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WordPress Affiliates Manager Troubleshooting post will provide solutions to the most common questions and issues found while running this plugin.

Last Updated: April 26, 2019

Latest News: I updated the information below.

This is a list of common questions asked in the wordpress.org forum and in the plugins own forum wpaffiliatemanager.com/forums/forum/affiliate-manager-plugin/. The list below will assist you further to resolve your issues, if it doesn’t please let me know. If you have a question that needs an answer please also let me know and I will try and find a solution and post the question and solution here.

WordPress Affiliates Manager Troubleshooting Steps

Commission and Refunds

The following URL how-the-wordpress-affiliate-platform works can help you further understand how the affiliate plugin works and how the affiliates are paid a commission.

Q1 How does the commission work in the plugin?

Answer One: Affiliate commissions are accumulated over time then paid out at the end of the month or so (you decide what your payout schedule is). This is the standard practice. It allows the site admin to go through all the commissions to see if any affiliate is doing any funny business and take care of things (if need be). You can also add a delay of couple of weeks before paying the commissions out so refunds can be accounted for (if needed). All the top sites in the world follow this same model. (Answer by admin in the forum)


Q2 What Happens If A Customer Clicks Two Different Affiliate Links Before Purchase?

Example Scenario 1: Customer clicks affiliate link A and leaves the. Customer clicks affiliate link B and leaves the site. Customer comes back to the site one week later (not clicking any affiliate link) and makes (1 purchase).
Who gets affiliate credit for (purchase 1)? Customer likes the item and makes another purchase one week later (purchase 2) without going through an affiliate link. Do the affiliates still get credited with the sale? The cookie is set to 90 days so the sales occur within this time.

Solution: From the example above, Affiliate B will get the commission. Basically, the last affiliate click gets it. This is the most common method of affiliate tracking. This is the same model that amazon affiliate system uses (just to pick one example).


Q3 The plugin is not awarding any commission?

Solution One: The plugin can’t reward commission if the sale amount is zero. You also need to click on an affiliate link and make the purchase in order for the commission to be tracked. Please make sure to keep the debug option enabled in the affiliates manager settings so you can the check the progress of an affiliate sale. (Solution provided by Shadow Labs)


Q4 Does the plugin support multi-tier affiliate commission?

Answer: No.


Q5 Is there an automatic process for the following case scenario? What can I do in this case since I can’t pay my affiliate a commission. Will I have to remove the referral from his balance?

A client (who paid via WooComerce) wants his money back.

Answer: When a purchase is refunded in WooCommerce, our plugin will automatically reverse the commission for it (if any). You can read more about it in the following support thread.

User Role Issues

Q1 Affiliate applications are not being approved, username and password not being sent?

Solution One: Please do the following:

1) Enable debug in the affiliates manager settings
2) Reset the log file
3) Do a test affiliate registration
4) Go back to the settings and check the log file to see if the email was sent by the plugin

Are you trying to register by logging in as an admin? If so no new WordPress user account will be created. You can either log out of wp-admin or open the registration page on a different browser to test it (where you are not logged into wp-admin).

If the log file confirms that there was no error when WordPress sent the email, that means email is getting lost somewhere else. Usually this type of issue occurs on servers where there are various restrictions in place (example: number of outgoing emails, type of email address used). You can install a SMTP plugin to bypass these restrictions and send email using a SMTP server. (Solution provided by Shadow Labs)


Q2 The customer is not being registered as a user when added to WooCommerce plugin.

Solution One: WooCommerce doesn’t create a WordPress user account for the customer unless Create an account? is checked at checkout. Make sure this feature is checked.

Miscellaneous Issues

Issue1 ) I just installed the WP Affiliates Manager plugin in WooCommerce.
I created a test affiliate account, and when I enter the website using the link that contains the wpam_id, it is working find and it is shown in the url when I transfer from page to page within the shop section, however, when I click on any other page on the website the wpam_id=# disappears from the url! not only that, even when I select a product to purchase it from the shop it will also disappear! Is there something I should do?

Solution One: Hi, That’s just a URL parameters that allows the plugin to check whether the user was referred by an affiliate. When the user goes to a different page it’s supposed to disappear from the page URL. As long as the initial click got tracked in the plugin, the affiliate will receive commission for the purchase. https://wpaffiliatemanager.com/cookie-duration-use/ (Solution provided by @affmngr in the forum)

I will be updating this post from time to time. So keep coming back for the latest troubleshooting answers. If you have a question please send me an e-mail or leave a comment.


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