Aug 212015

Hyper Cache Personal Settings shows you my personal settings for this plugin that helps this website load fast and improves my SEO. Last Updated: August 28, 2018 Latest News: I have updated some information. Hyper is a very small plugin to configure. There is not much to this plugin but the few options it provides allows […]

Jan 122015

WordPress Optimize CSS And JS Plugins report, provides information on the following plugins Autoptimize, Fast Velocity Minify and more. Last Updated: October 12, 2018 Latest News: I have updated the changelog. The following list of plugins will help you minify and optimize CSS and JS files and more. This will help you improve your website speed and […]

May 192014

How to Speed up Suffusion and WordPress show you how to improve Suffusion theme and WordPress performance for your site. Last Updated: March 8, 2018 Latest News: I have updated the information below. The following steps will help you improve your sites speed and SEO. This is one of the most important factors nowadays when working online. […]