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Last Updated: July 09, 2015

Suffusion Adding Adsense post show you how to add adsense to your post or pages using built in shortcodes.

Latest News: I have added some information below.

Suffusion is a very flexible and versatile theme. It has a collection of shortcodes already added to the theme. All you have to do is use them. What that also means is that you need less plugins to achieve many options of course there will be some limitations to the shortcodes.

What You Need:

Suffusion Adding Adsense Steps

Step 1 ) The shortcode used.

The following information comes from Sayontan Sinha’s website shortcodes post.

[ suffusion-adsense]

Brief Description: Prints AdSense code based on specified parameters.
Parameters and Usage: This takes four parameters: client, slot, width and height. It inserts the corresponding ad when invoked. I don’t have an AdSense account, so I cannot demonstrate this, though.
Use Case: If you want to insert an advertisement in the body of a post.

The above information is very straight forward. It takes four parameters to include in the shortcode client, slot, width and height.

It would look like the following, remember don’t add the px tag to the width and height.

[ suffusion-adsense client='pub-xxxxxx' slot='xxxxxxxxx' width='728' height='90']

Important: Even if you use Google reponsive code you still need to add the width and height or else your ad will not display.

Step 2 ) The following image shows you the Google Adsense displayed on your website.


It is very simple to add adsense to your Suffusion theme post or pages. What you have to keep in mind is that you should only have 3 adsense displayed at any one time or else Google will not be happy with your website. The above is just a very simple method for you to add Google advertising to your website using the internal built in shortcode that comes with Suffusion Theme.

What this means is that you don’t need to add another plugin. This reduces the extra resources and processes from your server. This also means that your website will load faster.

Step 3 ) The following image displays the best advertising method recommended by Google on a single page or post.


What many do nowadays is add some advertising to the sidebar text widget. This is a great idea so that you will have advertisement displayed on every page and post, which counts as one. Remember: you only want 3 advertisement displayed at any given time. So now you only need to add two shortcodes to a page or post. See image below.


The following image illustrates another layout that many implement as per Google guidelines.


I hope the above helps you add some Google Adsense to your website and start making some money.

If you have your own theme and don’t want to use Suffusion then you might like to read my other post How To Add Google Adsense To WordPress.

I will be updating this post from time to time so keep coming back to read the latest. If you have any questions please let me know.


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