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Last Updated: February 09, 2015

Translating My Blog In Spanish post is about letting you know that I have started translating my blog into Spanish. I had a request by a Spanish friend who can’t read English to translate it into Spanish. The journey has begun and what I will do is post one by one until the most important post are translated into Spanish.

Translating My Blog In Spanish Steps

To view all the post translated into Spanish you can click on the following URL If you really need to view any of my post or pages in Spanish you can always use Google Chrome service which is free. Of course bare in mind that the translation will not be 100% correct but it will give you an idea. See the images below.

Note: This also applies to any language that Google supports if you need to translate my blog into another language.

The following image allows you to paste into the text area the words you need to translate and make sure you click on English.


The following image allows you to translate the previous text into Spanish, make sure you click on Spanish. Then click on Translate buton.

Note: This also applies to other languages. 


I have now created a Spanish fan page in Facebook as well as my English fan page in Facebook. The Spanish fan page has not many post at the present but it will grow with time.

If you go to my Spanish blog you will find that not all post are yet translated. I want to translate only the most important post, eventually you will be able to read most post in Spanish. I hope this helps all the Spanish friends and family members read my blogs. I also want to target the Spanish speaking world community, which is huge.

You can read my tutorial How To Translate a WordPress Blog. I am not using any plugin to translate the post or pages on my blog. There are many reasons why and you can read some of them on my tutorial mentioned previously.

If you need help to translate your blog or website into Spanish send me an e-mail for a quote. I am always keen to help others achieve this goal. Also remember that the more people you target geographically speaking the better it is for your SEO. The more clicks and visits you get to your blog the better it is to make some money from ads.

I hope this helps you and motivates you to translate your blog into more than just one language.

Enjoy my blog and hope to hear from you soon :)

I have been working in IT since 1999 and I enjoy the challenges it brings me. I love developing websites with WordPress. I spend a lot of time helping out in forums. I have been writing tutorials since 2011. Now I am learning how to manage my own VPS "Virtual Private Server.

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