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WP Video Lightbox Plugin Troubleshooting list some of the most common asked questions in the plugin’s forum in WordPress.

Last Updated: November 3, 2021

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

This is a list of common WP Video Lightbox issues and questions that I have come across in WordPress forum. The list below will assist you further to resolve your issues and answer some of your questions. This list will grow as I come across more issues and questions from the forum. (Credit is given to WP Video Lightbox developers for any questions added below that was answered by the developers in the forum)

WP Video Lightbox Tutorials: 

  1. Settings
  2. Add Alt Text To Anchor Image
  3. Troubleshooting

WP Video Lightbox Plugin Troubleshooting

Q1 How do I use WP Video Lightbox plugin?

Solution 1 = Please view the following video to learn more.

Q2 How do I change the thumbnail size?

Solution 1 = By wpcommerce. You can customize the size of the thumbnail by editing the “wp-video-lightbox.css” file (it’s in the root directory of video lightbox plugin).

Q3 When I add some anchor text, only one word is displayed on the front page? How do I fix this issue?

Solution 1 = When you add the shortcode to your post or page, make sure you add the double quotes “”. For example anchor=”This is another test.”.

Responsive Settings

Q1 When I view the videos on my mobile device the image is too small. How can I fix this?

Solution 1 = Unfortunately the prettyPhoto library is not fully responsive in this plugin. If you need a better responsive option please take a look at our Lightbox Ultimate plugin:

Solution 2 = @terrymacsurfer in the support forum suggested the following code.

There’s no need to edit the js, just add width=100% to the HTML code of the src image and it is completely responsive.

Solution 3 = You can try changing the value in the code from the following file /js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js located inside the free plugin. Change the value from 200 to 40 as illustrated in the example below.

if((pp_containerWidth > windowWidth)){
	imageWidth = (windowWidth - 40);
	imageHeight = (height/width) * imageWidth;
}else if((pp_containerHeight > windowHeight)){
	imageHeight = (windowHeight - 40);
	imageWidth = (width/height) * imageHeight;
	fitting = true;

Solution 4 = Someone posted another solution in the following support forum.

Miscellaneous Issues

Q1 How to add a lightbox shortcode using PHP?

Solution 1 = See the following PHP code. (solution provided by ryanmccauley211 in the forum)

<?php echo do_shortcode('[video_lightbox_youtube video_id="" width="640" height="480" alt="alt text for the image" auto_thumb="1"]


Q2 The lightbox just stopped working. How do I fix this issue?

Solution 1 = There are times that the theme or a plugin might cause a conflict. Most of the time it is the theme causing a javascript conflict. To find out what is causing this conflict you might like to check the following URL Using_Your_Browser_to_Diagnose_JavaScript_Errors to learn more.


Q3 How do I dequeue wp lightbox from some pages?

Solution 1 = Here is what the plugin currently enqueues. You can use those handles to call wp_dequeue_script()


The following is an example of how to dequeue one of the scripts above.

wp_dequeue_script( 'video-lightbox' );


Q4 Does the plugin accept .mp4 file extension?

Answer = No, you can read more about the answer in the following URL using-mp4-doesnt-work-but-mov-does. The answer was provided by one of the developers.


Q5 Does the plugin allow popups from a HTML button?

Answer = No. However you can specify an image in the anchor parameter that looks like a button. For example:

[video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id="239537526" width="1920" height="1080" anchor=""]


Q6 How can I get the plugin to work in content loaded via AJAX?

Solution 1 = Someone in the forum posted a solution. Click on the following URL video-overlay-on-ajax-loaded-content to learn more.

Solution 2 = Someone in the forum posted another solution. Click on the following URL Render lightbox with ajax to learn more.


Q7 I am having issues with turning off related videos. How do I fix this?

Solution 1 = Google has made some changes to this rule. You can read more about how the plugin currently works in the following support thread.


Q8 How do I start playing the youtube video halfway?

Solution 1 = Check the following forum post for a solution provided by one of the users.


Q9 I have been using a shortcode for a while but now the thumbnails does not load. How do I fix this issue?

Solution 1 = Check the following forum post for a solution.


I will be updating this tutorial from time to time so keep coming back for the latest. If you have any questions please let me know.


I have been working in IT since 1999 and I enjoy the challenges it brings me. I love developing websites with WordPress. I spend a lot of time helping out in forums. I have been writing tutorials since 2011. Now I am learning how to manage my own VPS "Virtual Private Server.

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  1. I have a problem, this page don’t have a transparent background when i clicked the video unlike this page

    The page is a template built in WordPress Page Builder, I don’t really know what is the exact problem since they have a same code.

    • Hi Daniel, I checked both links and I can see the videos but I am not sure what you mean by transparent background. Can you perhaps send me a screen capture from both sites pin pointing the problem you are experiencing via my contact form here.

      Thank you

  2. Good morning from Canada!
    I have added a Lightbox Video Gallery to my WP site and for some reason I have a couple of video links showing up on the very bottom of my homepage.

    • Hi Ken, I had a look at your sites homepage and I can’t see the links you mentioned. If you want, you can get in contact with me via my contact form. That will allow you to share a screen capture pointing to the links you mentioned.

      Thank you

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