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The following Stripe Payments Plugin General Settings tutorial shows you how to set up the general settings in the plugin and more.

Last Updated: June 26, 2019

Latest News: I updated the changelog.


Stripe Payments plugin can help you sell products in your site using the Stripe payment gateway. This is similar to PayPal and Braintree. Stripe is becoming popular, that is why it is important that you add this facility to your site.

In this tutorial I will show you how simple it is to set up the general settings in the plugin.

Stripe Payments 1.9.25 Changelog

  • Fixed improper frontend total amount display in some circumstances.
  • Fixed total amount was displayed instead of item price in some circumstances.
  • Fixed issues that could lead to “button key mismatch” error when [accept_stripe_payment] shortcode is used.
  • Paragraphs are automatically added to product description when needed.

To Do List:

  • None at the moment.

Github URL:

  •  You are welcome to contribute any code suggestion to the following github site Stripe Payments.

Forum Questions Asked

  • How to a parse the session data from a completed payment? I’m trying to pull the “name” field but i keep getting blank data. = Check the following forum post for a possible solution.

What You Need:

Stripe Payments Plugin Tutorials:

Stripe Payments Plugin General Settings

Step 1 ) Go to Stripe Payments in your site admin panel to start setting up the general settings in the plugin. The following image shows you the following admin menu options.

Stripe Payments Admin Menu

  • Product
  • Add New Product
  • Orders
  • Coupons
  • Settings
  • Add-ons


Step 2 ) Go to Stripe Payments -> Settings -> General Settings as illustrated in the following image to read the plugins documentation by clicking on the following link WordPress Stripe.


Stripe Global Settings

Step 3 ) The following Global Settings list allows you to set up the following options in the plugin.

Global Settings

  • Checkout Result Page URL
  • Products Page URL
  • Currency
  • Currency Symbol
  • Button Text
  • Do Not Save Card Data on Stripe
  • Turn Off “Remember me” Option
  • Validate ZIP Code = For additional protection, you can opt to have Stripe collect the billing ZIP code. Make sure that ZIP code verification is turned on for your account. Click here to check it in your Stripe Dashboard.
  • Stripe Checkout Language

Step 3-a ) The following Currency image allows you to select the default Stripe Payments language for your site.


Step 3-b ) The following Stripe Checkout Language image allows you to select the default Stripe checkout language for your site.


Stripe Credentials Settings

Step 4 ) The following image Credentials allow you to set up the following options.

Credential Settings

  • Live Mode
  • Live Stripe Publishable Key
  • Live Stripe Secret Key
  • Test Stripe Publishable Key
  • Test Stripe Secret Key


Stripe Debug Settings

Step 5 ) The following image allows you to set up the following options.

  • Enable Debug Logging
  • View Log
  • Clear Log
  • Debug Log Shareable Link
  • Finally when you are happy with your settings click on Save Changes button.


That is all you need to do to set up the general settings in the plugin.

I will be updating this post from time to time. So keep coming back for more.


Manuel Ballesta Ruiz is a web developer, Blogger and WordPress Enthusiast.

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