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The following Stripe Payments Plugin Coupon Settings tutorial shows you how to add discount coupons to your stripe payments buttons in your site.

Last Updated: September 8, 2019

Latest News: I updated the documentation.

Having the ability to add discount coupons to your products is important. The following steps will show you how simple it is to create discount coupons using Stripe Payments plugin.

Stripe Payments Plugin Coupon Settings

Step 1 ) Go to Stripe Payments -> Coupons as illustrated in the following image to start adding discount coupons to your site.

Price Display Settings

  • Currency Position
  • Decimal Separator
  • Thousand Separator
  • Number of Decimals
  • Apply Separators Settings To Customer Input


Step 2 ) The following image Coupons allows you to carry out the following options.

Enable Coupons

  • Enable Coupons
  • Click on Save Settings button once you have enabled the coupon feature.
  • Click on Add a Coupon button to start adding coupons to your site.


Add Coupon Settings

Step 3 ) The following image Add Coupon allows you to set up the following fields.

Add Coupon Settings

  • Active
  • Coupon Code
  • Discount
  • Redemption Limint
  • Redemption Count
  • Start Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Click on Create Coupon button once you have completed configuring the coupon.


Added Coupons Information

Step 4 ) The following image displays information regarding the coupons you have created in your site.

Coupons Information

  • ID = This field can be sorted
  • Coupon Code = This field can be sorted
  • Active = This field can be sorted
  • Discount Value
  • Redemption Count
  • Redemption Limit
  • Start Date
  • Expiry Date


That is all you need to do to create discount coupons for your Stripe Payments buttons.

Stay tunes for more tutorials coming soon.

I will be updating this post from time to time. So keep coming back for more.


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