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How Affiliates Link To Your Site Using HTML Snippets post shows you how the affiliates link to your site using a html snippet.

Last Updated: November 25, 2020

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

The following tutorial shows you how the affiliates can link to your site via the html snippet. Once the affiliate logs into their account, they will have access to the dashboard with a few tabs. One of those tabs name is Affiliate Links. This tabs displays all the different affiliated links “Creative Links” available for the affiliates to add to their site.

What You Need:

How Affiliates Link To Your Site Using HTML Snippets

Step 1 ) The following image Affiliate Login displays the login widget the affiliates use to log into their affiliate account in your site.


Step 2 ) Once the affiliate is logged in, they will see the following Stores Affiliates dashboard. They click on Affiliate Links tab as illustrated in the following image, to view the affiliated links that are available. They can also generate custom URL links.


Step 3 ) The following image illustrates an example of different links available. These links can be used by the affiliate to add to their site.

Note: In your site the affiliate links will be different.

Affiliate Links Avaiable

  • Affiliate ID link = In this example the affiliate ID link is  http://localhost/wordpress/?wpam_id=1. The URL is http://localhost/wordpress/, the ID for this affiliate is id=1, the code that is added to the URL is ?wpam_id=1.
  • default creative = This is a test type link.
  • Bonsai Trees = This is a test type link.


Referral URL Generator

Step 4 ) The following image Referral URL Generator the affiliate can generate a referral URL from any link typed.

Step 5 ) In the following image Bonsai Trees link is clicked. In this tutorial this is the link that the affiliate will add to their site.


Step 6 ) After clicking Bonsai Trees creative link above, the following information is displayed.

Note: In your site the information will be different for each individual creative link.

Creative Link Information

  • You can see a Preview button. This allows the affiliate to preview the creative link.
  • Your affiliated-specific HTML snippet = This is the html code that needs to be copied and paste into a page, post or widget. This is the affiliated link that will link to your site.
  • Link Text = Bonsai Trees is the text that will be linked and displayed in the site when adding the html snippet.
  • Alt Test = A great list of bonsai trees, this is the text that is displayed when you move your mouse over the linked text Bonsai Tress and it is also good for SEO.



That is how an affiliate can link to your site via the html snippet.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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