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First Time Blogging WordPress Maintenance shows you different methods you can use to maintain a stable environment for optimum performance.

Last Updated: July 5, 2018

Latest News: I have added more information below.

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First Time Blogging WordPress Maintenance

Manage Revisions

Delete all the revisions added to your site every time you create a new post, a new page or edit the page or post. These revisions can accumulate very quickly and increase the size of your site and the database as well. I use the following plugin Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions, which is included in step 8 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs.

Check Data Structure

You need to stay on top of your data displayed in your website. Google has a tool that is free to use and will allow you to further test your webpages data structure for any errors it might find and bad coding. Click on the following URL to learn more.  It is important to check this when you first develop a website. You should also carry this test every now and then just to make sure any of your updates have not altered the structure.

Check for broken links

Broken links are very important to repair. Links in your site will always break for various reasons. One of the major reasons this happens is because you keep updating and changing links, links structure and URL’s.

The following plugin Broken link checker, is the plugin I use for all the sites I manage and currently it is monitoring this blog. This plugin is included in step 8 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs.

However some of you might prefer online services. This is because you might already have too many plugins installed in your site and you don’t want to add more plugins. In that case the list below should help you.

Note: Always remember, the more plugins you have running in your site the more resources your website will require from your server.

Broken Link Checker Alternatives

  • brokenlinkcheck. This is an online service that works very well for you. The best part about this service is that it uses it’s own server to check for any broken links in your site.
  • Xenu Link Sleuth: This is a windows only utility.
  • Integrity: This is a Macintosh only utility.
  • Auditmypc: This service helps you create a sitemap for your site and it also reports any broken links and other errors that might show up when scanning your website.

You might also be interested in the following tutorial Google Webmaster Tools Broken Links Tutorial.

Redirection Tools

When changing your URLs, make sure you redirect the old URL to the new URL. If you don’t carry out this action you run the risk of loosing all the followers who are currently link to that page or post. The following plugin redirection used for to manage this blog is also mentioned in step 8 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs.

Other Redirection Tools

Monitor Your Websites

Uptimerobot will keep track of your websites, blogs for free for up to 50 sites. Anything above 50 will incur a fee.

You might like to check to see how your website is performing worldwide from different servers in the world using the following website Internetsupervision.

Note: Check your plugins, theme and WordPress to make sure they are up to date.

With the release of WordPress 3.7 and above, a new feature for website administrators and developers was introduced. The new feature allows for automatic updates for WordPress core files, plugins, themes and more. Please read the following article The definitive guide to disabling auto updates by Andrew Nacin to learn more. While you are reading this article pay attention to the plugin that is mentioned.

Check Server Status

There are times when your website or server might be down. This is unavoidable and unfortunately it happens from time to time. When this happens you should keep calm and not panic.

Check If Server is Down

After using the above links, you will have information about your server or site whether they are down or not. This will allow you to take the appropriate action to resolve this. If you are not your server administrator  you will have to get in contact with your host. Once they fix the issue you should be able to access your site. If you still can’t access your site then you might have other issues that need further investigations. These issues could be related to your home network or internet connection.

You can try the following steps to try and fix your home internet issues. The problem could be related to your computer, laptop, Internet connection, modem/ router or other.

Steps To Check Your Site

  • First try to check your site using your mobile device like a tablet or mobile phone. Make sure you use your mobile carrier (Not WiFi or home internet connection).
  • If the above does not help you, try to connect to your site via the following URL mentioned above.

Test Your Email Account

There are times that you might have e-mail issues. The following URL Mail Tester can help you troubleshoot some issues you might be having with your e-mails not sending or receiving.


The above and all previous steps should help you with your blogging and help you keep your WordPress sites secured and safe.

You can also check my WordPress setup tutorials. I am constantly adding new ones.

If you have any questions please let me know. I will be updating this post from time to time so keep coming back for the latest.


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