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Last Updated: March 05, 2016

Child Protection post talks about your children and the Internet. Have you been paying attention to your children at home?

This is a very important question that all parents or guardians should be asking themselves. When your child is in their room and connected to the Internet, what are they doing? who are they chatting with? You the parent should be supervising them and speaking to your child/ children about it in a very nice and caring way and guiding them to the right way of surfing, chatting or sending e-mails.  This is your responsibility while your children are in your home. It is better to be proactive than doing nothing.

There are too many incidents nowadays where children have abducted, molested and trick to believing that they were chatting with someone there own age. Thank God that there are many organisations policing these activities around the world. Yet it is still happening so what can you do and what should you do?

Read my post on Internet Safe Surfing, which will provide plenty of security for your computer and laptop but still this is just one part of what you must do to protect yourself i.e. computer, laptop and other devices that surf the net. This only protects your hardware but your child is your responsibility and no one else.

Take the right action and be proactive and not sleeping. I will adding more information as I come across more news and information on the net. If you have any questions please post them here and share with the rest of the world.

Take care of our most precious humans “Children” they are our future.

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  1. Your story was really ionrfamtive, thanks!

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