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This is something that can happen to anyone using CA Antivirus Plus v7. I followed the onscreen instructions to update the license through the popup message on Friday and that made me happy :). The only problem is that on Monday when I turned on my computer the message appeared again.

Last Updated: June 13, 2016

Latest News: I have fixed a broken link below and changed some of the wording.

I started looking at their website for solutions and also a few forums. After a few hours of research I realised that a few customers in the past had experienced similar issues. I had some idea of what was going on. So I rang up helpdesk and they asked if they could remote into my computer and of course you say yes. They discovered that it was not my computer, in actual fact it was their accounts department that did not activate the new product keys. As I work in IT I am almost sure that all they had to do was tick a box on the database to activate the product key.

I made a few suggestions, and advice their helpdesk staff to create a few fields on the database so that when the client logs into their account they will be able to tell whether or not the new product key has been activated. This would make it easier for the customer to figure out what is going on and therefore know exactly what to report. Not everyone is computer literate and this option would provide some clues and make life easier for many.

Anyhow that is the experience I had with CA Anti-Virus Plus v7. They did resolve my problem and I can only compliment their IT staff for their prompt solution and well mannered technician.

These are the solutions that I can recommend to anyone who buys their products online.

When you register their product online make sure that you create an account. After creating the account, log in and check to see if your product key has been added. This will make it much easier to manage your computers and your licences. If you live in Australia these are the numbers you will need to ring in case you have an issue similar to mine.

Help Desk Technical support = 1800839425
Customer Service = 1300364750

To learn more about this product click on the following URL CA Anti-Virus Plus V7 (Looks like this product is no longer supported).

Remember make sure you have your account details and your purchase order number with you when you ring helpdesk.

If you have any questions just drop a line. All the best

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