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WordPress ClassiPress Theme Footer Area post shows you how to customize and edit the footer area in your site. It will show you how to add different widgets and more.

In this post you will learn how to manage the footer area of your site. ClassiPress has four different widget areas you can play with. Each widget area allows you to add many different widgets. It is up to you to choose how many widgets you want to add in each footer area block.

WordPress ClassiPress Theme Footer Area

Step 1 ) The following image shows you the Footer Area in the site. The theme allows you to add four widgets to the footer area. You can add any type of widget as long as the data fits well and functions correctly in the footer. For this example I have added the Ad Categories to the footer just so you can see how it looks.

In the following image you can also see the copyright notice and ClassiPress Theme – Powered by WordPress. This is okay but you might want to edit this information and add your own text.


Step 2 ) Go to Appearance -> Editor to start editing the theme footer file as illustrated in the following image.

Note: Make sure you know what you are doing. Editing the wrong file can crash your site. So make sure you also have a backup just in case something happens.


Step 3 ) The following image shows you the theme footer.php file you need to select for editing. If you have more than one theme installed make sure you select the correct theme to edit. Navigate to Select theme to edit and choose the correct theme from the drop down menu.


Step 4 ) The following image shows you the footer.php file opened and ready for editing. you need to select for editing. I have selected the areas in the file that need to be edited if you want to change the default footer copyright notice and powered by.

Note: Make sure you click on Update File button onece you are finished editing the footer.php file.


That is how simple it is to customize the footer area in your site.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment.

There will be more tutorials coming soon. So make sure you keep coming back for the latest.


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