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WordPress The SEO Framework Extension Manager will add more power and control over The SEO Framework. It is a must have extension.

Last Updated: June 5, 2020

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

Sybre Waaijer has done it again with this extension. He truly is going to bring a great SEO service to the WordPress community.

The SEO Framework Extension Manager brings so much control over the The SEO Framework. This will allow you to add extra tools, services Free or Premium. Purchasing the Pro services and addons will depend on your needs and your website. The Free version is powerful on its own. Expect more addons to be added in the future.


The SEO Framework – Extension Manager changelog 2.4.0 (Extension website location.)

Featured Highlights:

  • In this update, we reduced the plugin package size by 30%. Thanks to offloading translation files elsewhere on our servers, this reduction saves you bandwidth and speeds up plugin installation.
  • During Extension Manager plugin update requests, your WordPress website may now download new and updated translation files independently. Which files are requested is based on your site’s supported languages.
  • We upgraded the extension API endpoint, which allows for reverse inflection lookups via the Focus extension, for 7 languages!
  • We removed a filter that directed admin access control. We found that it wasn’t secure enough (by our insane standards); so, use the new constant definition, instead. With that constant, you can now (finally) independently control extension-settings from manager access.

Updated Extensions:

Plugin Improvements:

  • Added:
    • None
  • Improved:
    • Added: New constant TSF_EXTENSION_MANAGER_EXTENSION_ADMIN_ROLE, that allows you to modify the access level (capability) of the extension settings in wp-config.php or a mu-plugin.
      • Note: Use TSF_EXTENSION_MANAGER_MAIN_ADMIN_ROLE to control the role required for managing the extension activation and API connection options.
    • Changed: The plugin extension API now reaches our new version 2.1 endpoint, from 2.0.
      • Version 2.0 will remain available for the unforeseeable future.
    • Changed: The plugin updater API now reaches our new version 1.1 endpoint, from 1.0.
      • Version 1.0 will remain available for the unforeseeable future.
    • Updated: Plugin translation POT file contains a few adjusted strings.
    • Removed: We no longer ship the pomo translation files with the plugin.
      • However, the /language/ folder still works as before, and manually inserted files therein supersede the update-service provided translations.
    • Removed: Filter tsf_extension_manager_can_manage_options has been removed as it superimposes a security issue due to its nature in discrepancy, incoherency, and inconsistency. Use the constants instead; they can be defined only once, alleviating these issues altoghether.
    • Removed: Method tsf_extension_manager()->can_do_settings(). Use the access control API functions, instead.

Note: Click on the following link changelog to learn more.


What You Need:

WordPress The SEO Framework Extension Manager

Step 1 ) Once you have installed the extension you will notice a sub-menu under SEO. See image below.


Step 2 ) The following SEO Extensions image allows you to click on the following buttons and links.

SEO Extensions

  • Click on Go Premium button.
  • Click on Enable feed? button.


Account and Actions

Step 3 ) The following image Account and Actions display the following information. You can also click on the following support buttons.

Account information

  • Account level:
  • Valid for:

Upgrade your account

  • License key
  • License email

Get support

  • Click on Free Support button.
  • Click on Premium Support button.

Disconnect account

  • Click on Disconnect button.


Local And Focus Extensions

Step 4 ) The following image shows allows you to set up the following extensions.

Local And Focus Extensions

  • Local = Premium
  • Focus = Free + Premium


AMP And Articles Extensions

Step 5 ) The following image shows allows you to set up the following extensions.

AMP And Articles Extensions

  • AMP = Free
  • Articles = Free


Monitor – beta And Incognito Extensions

Step 6 ) The following image shows allows you to set up the following extensions.

Monitor – beta And Incognito Extensions

  • Monitor – beta = Premium
  • Incognito = Free


Honeypot And Origin Extensions

Step 7 ) The following image shows allows you to set up the following extensions.

Honeypot And Origin Extensions

  • Honeypot = Free
  • Origin = Free


Title Fix Extension

Step 8 ) The following image shows allows you to set up the following extensions.

Title Fix Extension

  • Title Fix = Free


This extension is growing and more addons will be added in the future.

If you have any questions please let me know.


The SEO Framework Plugin Tutorial List:

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