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Create A Simple PayPal Shopping Cart shows you how to add a shopping cart to your website by simply adding a couple of shortcodes.

Last Updated: March 4, 2019

Latest News: I updated a link in the bottom of the document.

Create A Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Steps

Step 1 ) Create a page or post for your shopping cart. I created a page with a title Shop and added 1 item with a price tag of $20. See images below.

Shortcodes added

[wp_cart_button name="Test Product" price="20" shipping="2.00"]

In version 3.9.3 a new shortcode was added [wp_compact_cart].


Step 2 ) View your shop online and click on Add to Cart button and the shopping cart will appear.  See images below.


Step 3 ) The next image illustrates  the following points:

  1. Cost of Item
  2. How many items selected
  3. Amount for the total items selected
  4. Shipping cost added = This cost includes the the shipping cost of $2 added above in the shortcode plus the Base Shipping Cost of $5 added in the plugin.
  5. Total amount of cost
  6. Ready to make the purchase


Step 4 ) Once you clicked on the PayPal shopping button above you will be taken the the PayPal secure site. See images below.

Note: The shipping cost is only triggered if a shipping=”Amount added here” value is added in the shortcode as illustrated above in Step 1 ).


Step 5 ) The customer then has a few choices to choose from. Either create a new PayPal account or Pay with a credit or debit card.


Click on the following link PayPal Redirect URL to complete the tutorial.

I will be updating this post from time to time. So keep coming back for more.


WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart List

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