Aug 142012

Remember the time when you first saw a telephone or Television and you said wow, what a great invention; this is geared towards the old generation without categorising them as x, y and z.

Have you ever thought how you send an mms or sms? You sit on the couch or where ever you are and type some text or take a photo on your mobile phone and press send and it goes. Don’t you ever think for a moment, how on earth does it get sent to my friends or loved ones? I don’t even get to see it! Where does it go? How can it get there if I don’t see it? Cyber world is a mystery to many in this planet, all they do is use the tools to communicate without thinking about it. Remember that some time in the future you will live a cyber world reality through virtual world. Now that will be another spinner to many of us.

Here is a link that will interest you How MMs Works.

How far is technology going, where will it peak and how much more can be done? I have many questions that I ask myself many times. However no matter how much I think about technology and especially cyber space, I have not come up with any conclusion yet.

Nowadays with smart phones like iphone you are able to do even than just send text messages and MMS. They are thing of the past.

Smart phone allow you to navigate the web, read e-mails, use GPS, watch videos, youtube, play games, read electronic books and much more. Oh before I forget another implementation is Internet banking and as a credit card. Yes you heard it as a credit card. So as you can see there is no limit on how far you can go with technology and Cyber Space.

If you have any thoughts on this why don’t you share it with everyone by posting it here. I am sure that we would love to read about your ideas.

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  1. If you’re reading this, you’re all set, padrner!

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