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WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Discount Coupon will show you how to create a discount coupon code and add the discount to your product.

Last Updated: November 12, 2017

Latest News: I have added some more information about the coupon code.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Discount Coupon

Step 1 ) Go to Simple Cart -> Coupons tab to set up the following options. See image below.

Simple Cart Coupons

  • Enable Discount Coupon Feature
  • Click on Update button to save your settings


Step 2 ) Under Add Coupon/Discount create a coupon discount code. For this example I have created a discount Coupon Code package, with a Discount Rate of 5%. No Expiry Date added. Make sure you click on Save Coupon button when you finish setting it up.

  • Coupons codes are now case-insensitive. (Updated in version 4.0.7)


Step 3 ) Go to Simple Cart -> Tools tab to export cart orders. See image below.


Discount Coupon Example

Step 4 ) Create your product post or page. In this example I created a Mobile Phone post with a Price tag of $129.95. I use the following shortcode.
[ wp_cart_button name=”Mobile Phone” price=”129.95″]


Step 4 ) The following image shows you the product page from the front end of the website. No discount has being added yet. Click on Add to Cart button.


Step 5 ) The following image shows the shopping cart page with the Enter Coupon Code box.


Step 6 ) The following image shows you the discount code added package. Click on the Apply button to add the discount to the product cost.


Step 7 ) The following image allows you the discount added and the new paying price.

  • Total discount $6.50
  • New Price = $123.45


Note: It saves the discount code that is used in a transaction in the order interface. So if you edit an order from the cart orders menu, you will be able to see what coupon or discount code was used for that transaction.

As you can see it is very simple to create a discount code for your products.

Click on the following URL Cart Orders Settings Customize to learn more.

I will be updating this post from time to time. So keep coming back for more.


WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart List

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