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WordPress Simple Shopping Cart FAQ provides a list of FAQ questions many keep asking in the forum and more.

Last Updated: September 4, 2023

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

This is a list of common questions asked in support forum. I have created this list to help answer some of the most common questions people keep asking. If you can’t find an answer to your question please click the following link wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart and create a support ticket. Someone will assist you as soon as possible.

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WordPress Simple Shopping Cart FAQ


GDPR Compliance

Q1 Is this plugin GDPR Compliant?

Answer: This plugin doesn’t need any update for GDPR. It only receives some customer’s info from PayPal and then it saves those in the orders menu so you can process the order. For example: ship the item to the purchaser’s address. Data is never sent or shared with any 3rd party. The plugin already has the functionality that lets you delete any customer data and be compliant with the law.

So it will be mostly about you following the law and letting them know that some info will be saved for order fulfillment. You will delete info if they request you to do so. etc.



Q1 The following documentation wp-shopping-cart-stacking-multiple-product-boxes-side-by-side-2967 works really well if you are happy for all of your product boxes to be exactly the same height. But what if you have some big boxes and some small boxes?

Answer: Read the following forum post to learn more about the solution provided by someone in the forum.


Q2 How do you center the WP cart button?

Answer: Read the following forum post for a possible solution. This solution might not work in all cases. It depends on the theme you use.



Q1 Is the plugin capable of calculating and adding on tax?

Answer: Check the following URL how-to-use-sales-tax-regional-international-when-selling-using-paypal.


Q2 Is the plugin capable of calculating and adding on tax with “Smart Checkout”?

Answer: With “Smart checkout” paypal bypasses the profile based tax and shipping. So it doesn’t work the same way as the standard paypal checkout (in terms of profile based tax and shipping). That’s how the Smart checkout flow of PayPal works. If you need to use the profile based tax and shipping, you cannot use the paypal smart checkout option unfortunately. Click the following link forum post to learn more.



Q1 Does your plugin use cURL for IPN because Health Check plugin is displaying error messages?

Answer: By default we don’t use cURL for IPN. We use the “wp_safe_remote_post” function of WordPress to validate the IPN message. You can read more about this in the following support thread.


Q2 Is there any way to get the payment amount from a derived field in an input form? The field contents will change according to various options chosen, and is stored as a meta field.

Answer: You can read more about this in the following support thread.


Q3 Is it possible to have the Default Quantity show as 10 and not 1?

Answer: Unfortunately it doesn’t have an option for default quantity to be more than 1. The customer will need to change the quantity in the cart which is standard practice.

Alternatively, you can make another add to cart button which is price for a 10 pack for example. So lets say the 1 quantity cost $5. You can make another product which is a 10pack and price it at $50. Then the customer can buy the 1 pack or the 10 pack by clicking on the appropriate add to cart button.

You can read more about this in the following support thread.


Q4 How can I migrate my cart orders into a different server?

Answer: The orders go into a custom post type called “wpsc_cart_orders”. Unless you are an expert, the best option is to migrate the full database (all tables) of your site. Using PHPMyAdmin tool in your server is the best option for this. It can simply export all your data from Site A then you can import that data into Site B. It will be an easy transition. Otherwise it will get too complicated. You can read more about this in the following support thread.

The following link how-to-easily-import-or-export-any-of-your-wordpress-database-content-using-phpmyadmin can help you.


Q5 Is there a way to load the add to cart button after page load with a price change depending on some events in the page through ajax or js?

Answer: We don’t have an option for this in our plugin. However someone posted a solution in the forum. Check the following link support thread to learn more.


Q6 Does your plugin create the following cookie “PHPSESSID”?

Answer: No, our plugin does not create any cookies. Check the following link support thread to learn more.


Q7 How do I pass the quantity to the shopping cart?

Answer: It’s not a supported feature of this simple plugin unfortunately. We don’t advertise it either. Check the following link support thread to learn more.



Q1 How do I test my PayPal account if I am having issues?

Answer: Do the following test to verify what I am saying:

1) Go to the settings menu of the plugin.
2) Change the PayPal email address to another paypal account that you know is in good standing and working (maybe the account of a family member or a friend). This is just a temporary change to do a quick test (You will change that address back to your one).
3) Click on the add to cart button and then the checkout button, you will see that the checkout works fine.


Q2 PayPal has expanded the list of IP addresses. Will this impact your plugin in any way?

Answer: Our plugin doesn’t use the IP address for IPN. So this won’t have any impact on this plugin. You can ignore this.

If you want to, you can check with your hosting provider to make sure they don’t have any firewall that will bock IPN notification coming from those new IP addresses. Check the following link support thread to learn more.


I will be updating this post from time to time. So keep coming back for the latest FAQ. If you have a question please send me an e-mail or leave a comment.


WordPress Simple Shopping Cart List

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